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Available languages — Radfahrer/Radkarte/Development
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The Radkarte is developed under MaxOS 10.6. The build script is therefore adapted for MacOS X, but it should run with slight modifications under any other operating system. The following instructions are most certainly incomplete. If you encounter any problems please drop me a note, I'll gladly provide help.

The build script is not designed for "plug&play". It works on my computer quite well, but if it doesn't work on your computer you will need a basic understanding of the command line and ant build scripts to modify the script. Some background about the compilation of Garmin maps with mkgmap is also helpful.

The Radkarte at

All the necessary files for the map generation are available at Launchpad. To be able to download and use the files you will need the following programs:

  • The version control system Bazaar.
  • Java 6 SDK. I think this is installed together with XCode, which is packaged with every copy of MacOS X, but not installed as a standard.
  • If you want to generate a Windows installer you will also need the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.

Additional Programs when using a Windows OS

The following programs must be installed and added to the search path ($PATH) when using a Windows OS:

Checkout of a copy of the Radkarte from

You will get a copy of the trunk branch of the Radkarte with the command

bzr branch lp:radkarte

It will download the most recent version of the scripts. Into the such created folder Radkarte you will also have to copy the file contourdata.osm.gz, which is not available via Launchpad because of its size. It contains the contour data for Germany, so if you can miss those you don't need that file. Further the file is needed, that must be places into the folder Radkarte as well.

Before starting the map generation you should modify the file build.xml according to your needs. Then type

ant dist

to start the generation of the map. After about one to two hours you will have the, the Windows installer and the file for RoadTrip in the folder that is given by the variable ${builddir} in the build.xml.

When using Windows 7 it might be necessary to start ant with administrator rights for some unknown reason.