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Personal page to track changes to C-TRAN's upcoming service changes to most of its routes later this year. A map containing these changes are available from C-TRAN, which is what this is based on.

ref name changes? notes
2 Lincoln yes Move Columbia St section to Kauffman Ave. 39 will cover Columbia.
Use Mill Plain/15th couplet to reach downtown turnaround. SB use Washington, NB use Broadway.
3 City Center delete Route will be removed
Route 2 will cover Kauffman Ave section
Route 6 will also cover Kauffman, and southern Grand Blvd section.
Route 25 will cover county offices.
30 will cover 33rd St and northern Grand.
4 Fourth Plain yes Will follow alignment of The Vine, reducing termini to downtown and Van Mall TC.
Route 60 would cover Delta Park.
(6) (Fruit Valley/Grand) new route Replaces parts of routes 3 and 25F.
Loops along 4th Plain, Fruit Valley, 39th, and Kauffman. Continues along 4th Plain, down to Grand Blvd, terminating at the WSDOT park & ride (via VA hospital).
7 Battle Ground yes Skips Five Corners section, will be covered by 72. Instead, use 4th Plain and SR 503.
9 Felida no
19 Salmon Creek yes WSU Vancouver and Saturday turnaround sections removed.
Instead, loop around 139th, 29th, 159th, then 20th to Mt Vista and medical clinics on 20th.
25 Fruit Valley & Saint Johns yes Fruit Valley section removed.
Instead, loop along Evergreen, Jefferson/Kauffman, Mill Plain, and Franklin to cover county offices.
Additionally, go straight all the way on 99th St. No more 25th/88th/Hwy 99 loop.
Use LaLonde Dr and St Johns instead of 50th Ave
30 Burton downtown only SB in downtown to use Washington instead of Broadway.
32 Hazel Dell & Evergreen/Andresen downtown only SB in downtown to use Washington instead of Broadway via McLoughlin.
37 Mill Plain/Fisher's yes SB in downtown to use Washington instead of Broadway.
Will cover an expanded route 38, covering Mill Plain, 192nd, and 34th to reach Fisher's TC. Costco turnaround is skipped.
162nd Ave and 192nd Ave access is alternated between trips.
38 Mill Plain/192nd delete Would be expanded, but route 37 will cover it.
39 VA/NE 87th Ave
yes West end extended from VA Hospital to downtown. Use Columbia, 33rd, SB use Grand and NB use St Johns to reach current route. SB will not cover VA hospital.
East end truncated at 4th Plain/Stapleton. Areas east "will be served by Route 37, operating on Mill Plain Blvd." (despite some areas a good distance away)
41 SR 14 Limited no
44 Fourth Plain Limited delete The concept of a limited stop service would be replaced by a BRT line, The Vine. Removed as Route 4 simulates the future line.
Route 74 will cover east of Van Mall TC.
47 Battle Ground Limited no Despite nearly everyone affected, the craziest fixed route on the system is not affected, reaching from Delta Park to Yacolt in rural north county.
(60) (Delta Park Limited) new route New route from downtown to Delta Park via Jantzen Beach. Replaces route 4's western portion.
Service to Jantzen Beach is limited once per round trip. NB only before noon, SB only after noon. (against rush hour traffic)
65 Parkrose Limited no
71 Highway 99 no
72 Orchards yes Will be moved off 4th Plain routing (covered by 74) and use former 7 route thru Five Corners. The current oneway loop will remain.
(73) (Van Mall Loop) new route
delayed until Vine opens
Free route to cover the north side of the mall. Will not operate until new Van Mall TC opens (part of The Vine project)
(74) (East Fourth Plain) new route Will cover former 72/44 route along 4th Plain east of Van Mall. Turn around via 162nd, 78th, and Ward.
78 78th Street no
80 Van Mall/Fisher's yes use 136th/McGillivray instead of Mill Plain/Park Crest/Blairmont to cover more of Cascade Park.
92 Camas/Washougal no
105 Interstate 5 Express downtown only SB in downtown to use Washington starting from 15th, instead of Broadway.
1xx all other express routes no