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Here are road signs of the Philippines and their equivalent tags. Signs without any equivalent tag or signs not yet available in Wikimedia Commons are omitted from this list.

Regulatory signs

Sign number Image English Filipino (only used if the sign uses or includes Filipino/Tagalog messages) Tags
R1-1 Philippines road sign R1-1.svg Stop highway=stop
R1-2/2P Philippines road sign R1-2.svgPhilippines road sign R1-2P.svg Give way Magbigay daan highway=give way
R2-1/1P Philippines road sign R2-1.svgPhilippines road sign R2-1P.svg Straight-on only restriction=only_straight_on
R2-2/2P Philippines road sign R2-2 R.svgPhilippines road sign R2-2 L.svgPhilippines road sign R2-2P R.svgPhilippines road sign R2-2P L.svg Follow right/left; one-way traffic restriction=only_right_turn


R2-5/5P Philippines road sign R2-5 R.svgPhilippines road sign R2-5P R.svg Turn right/left; one-way traffic restriction=only_right_turn


R3-1/1P Philippines road sign R3-1.svgPhilippines road sign R3-1P.svg No entry oneway=yes
R3-4 Philippines road sign R3-4.svg No entry for bicycles bicycle=no
R3-8 Philippines road sign R3-8.svg No entry for trucks usually hgv=no
R3-10 Philippines road sign R3-10.svg No entry for pedestrians foot=no
R3-13/13P Philippines road sign R3-13.svgPhilippines road sign R3-13P.svg No right turn restriction=no_right_turn (For turn restrictions with the "to" way is not a one-way. Otherwise, use oneway=yes)
R3-14/14P Philippines road sign R3-14.svgPhilippines road sign R3-14P.svg No left turn restriction=no_left_turn (For turn restrictions with the "to" way is not a one-way. Otherwise, use oneway=yes)
R3-15/15P Philippines road sign R3-15.svgPhilippines road sign R3-15P.svg No right turn restriction=no_u_turn
R3-16/16P Philippines road sign R3-16.svgPhilippines road sign R3-16P.svg No overtaking Bawal lumusot overtaking=no
R4-1 Philippines road sign R4-1 (60).svg Maximum speed limit maxspeed=*
R4-2 Philippines road sign R4-2.svg Speed limit derestriction maxspeed=implicit
R4-3 Philippines road sign R4-3 (40).svg Minimum speed limit minspeed=*
R5-1S/1P/ Philippines road sign R5-1S.svgPhilippines road sign R5-1P.svg No parking Bawal pumarada parking:lane=no_parking(append "left" and "right" to "lane" if restriction only applies to the side
R5-3P Philippines road sign R5-3P.svg No parking anytime (may depend on day if indicated on the sign) parking:condition=no_parking @ (Mon-Fri)(if days are specified)


R5-3C Philippines road sign R5-3C.svg No parking, tow-away zone parking:lane=no_parking
R5-4B/4C Philippines road sign R5-4B.svgPhilippines road sign R5-4C.svg Loading/unloading zone public_transport=stop position (may depend)
R5-8 Philippines road sign R5-8.svg No stopping parking:lane=no_stopping
R5-9A/9B/9C Philippines road sign R5-9A.svgPhilippines road sign R5-9B.svg No parking, bus/jeepney stop highway=bus_stop(if standalone)

public_transport=stop_position(if part of route relation)

R6-2 Philippines road sign R6-2.svg Width restriction maxwidth=*
R6-3 Philippines road sign R6-3.svg Height restriction maxheight=*
R6-4 Philippines road sign R6-4.svg Weight restriction maxweight=*
R6-6 Philippines road sign R6-6.svg Width restriction maxlength=*
R6-8/9/11 Philippines road sign R6-8.svgPhilippines road sign R6-9.svgPhilippines road sign R6-11.svg Pedestrian/children/wheelchair crossing highway=crossing(standalone)

footway=crossing(used along with highway=crossing if crossing is part of footway)