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Open 3D model repository links
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Tordanik
Tagging: key=*
Applies to: Node, Way, Area, Relation
Definition: Link to an externally hosted 3D model
Rendered as: Visible in 3D renderers
Drafted on: 2017-06-19

Using the new key [key]=*, it will be possible to link to a 3D model from the [NAME].


Unlike the OSM database, IDs in [NAME] are relatively stable, and lend themselves well to linking.

This proposal only covers basic links. More advanced features may be introduced in the future.

For the most part, this tag is equivalent to building:obm=*, which was in use with OpenBuildingModels (a defunct spiritual predecessor of [NAME]). However, it is not limited to buildings.

Proposed tagging

The suggested tag is key=<id>, where id is the ID of the model in [NAME].

A 3D renderer supporting this tag may then ...

  • obtain the model from [NAME] and place it in that location, and
  • ignore the tagged OSM elements for 3D rendering, to avoid duplication.

Additional tags

At least the following existing keys are taken into account to scale and rotate a generic model:

Other tags and conventions (e.g. deriving a bollard's rotation from the way containing it, ...) should also be taken into account.


 Simple unique example: a fountain
 Building + parts unique example: Tag on the building outline, parts and indoor features are implicitly also affected
 Bridge + roads unique example: Tag on the man_made=bridge, roads and other elements on the bridge are implicitly also affected
 Complex unique example
 Generic example: Multiple identical benches (with different directions) around a tree.

External discussions


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