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Uxbridge, Greater London
latitude: 51.544557, longitude: -0.475159
Browse Uxbridge map 51° 32′ 40″ N, 0° 28′ 31″ W
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Uxbridge is a area in Greater London at latitude 51° 32′ 40″ North, longitude 0° 28′ 31″ West.


Main roads in the town centre mapped, as well as larger roads in the surrounding area. Some residential areas are partially mapped.


  • Some of the roads are a bit lumpy and could do with smoothing out.
  • The labelling is sub-optimal on some of the more oddly-shaped roads due to how the ways are formed.
  • Need to add in all of the residential roads to the north of the town centre.

Users in Uxbridge

  • User:mart - filled in many major roads using the Yahoo! aerial imagery and his memory.