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Points of interest that don't have (well enough) defined tags

  • Vulcanizacion
  • Comedores
  • Venta de tarjetas TUC
- the "main tag" can be different things such as: office=public_transport, shop=tickets (for dedicated ticket sales shops, if any), shop=kiosk (e.g. dedicated TUC tickets sales kiosk at Centro America) or shop=supermarket/convenience/kiosk (if a super market, convenience shop or pulperia sells the tickets)
- tag that defines that public transport tickets are sold in the place needs to be defined. Potential tags include (from existing use, none very wide):
  • tickets=public_transport (appears 1 times in the planet)
  • public_transport_tickets=yes (appears 6 times in the planet)
  • public_transport=tickets (appears 0 times in the planet)
  • Street vendors (more generally) that are always found in the same place (money exchange for example) ..
- getting started with: street_vendor=yes + service=money_exchange

Miscellaneous tag clarifications

  • Asados : amenity=restaurant + cuisine=barbecue
  • Pulperias : shop=kiosk