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9 Apr Imagery from DigitalGlobe now available for use via mapbox [1]
4 Apr A new editor is released, Level0.
26 Mar OSM wins the FSFE's Document Freedom Award.
24 Mar HOT is coordinating mapping efforts for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. You can help!
16 Feb The wiki reaches 1,000,000 page edits.
11 Feb Encryption (SSL) has been enabled to all of the website, thereby enhancing the privacy of its users.
7 Dec ScalableMaps [2] now offers over 300 OSM- and NaturalEarth-based editable vector maps in PDF and Adobe Illustrator formats.
2 Dec The main website is completely redesigned.
18 Nov We're using the Typhoon Haiyan wiki page to coordinate crisis response mapping. You can help!
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