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Vanuatu, Oceania
latitude: -17.75, longitude: 168.3
Browse map of Vanuatu 17°45′00″ S, 168°18′00″ E
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Vanuatu is a Country in Oceania at latitude 17°45′00″ South, longitude 168°18′00″ East.

The Republic of Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific.

2015 Cyclone Pam Crisis Mapping

The Vanuatu Islands have been hit badly by Cyclone Pam mid march 2015. (wikipedia:Cyclone Pam)

The 2015_03_Vanuatu_Pam_Cyclone_Response wiki page is used to monitor this crisis.

HOT are looking into crisis mapping, to boost the map coverage of Vanuatu islands as aid agencies may have use for OpenStreetMap in the coming days

Devastation after Cyclone Pam 14 March 2015.jpg

OSM Data

GeoFabrik data extracts Australia/Oceania

Tasking Manager Projects

#943 - Pam Cyclone (Category 5), Vanuatu Archipel, South Islands
#944 - Pam Cyclone (Category 5), Vanuatu Archipel, Penata
#945 - Pam Cyclone (Category 5), Vanuatu Archipel, Buildings

Mapping support docs

Vanuatu pre-crisis field pictures