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Below is a list of Victoria's major roads (routes). Hopefully the list will assist mappers in determining what needs to be done to complete the major road network across Victoria.

A mapped road does not mean it is correctly attributed.

The list has been derived from the VicRoads Drivers Guide, Main Roads Victoria and VicRoads Oversize Load Carrying Vehicle information bulletin.

Route Name Mapped Relation Notes/Link
A1 Princes Freeway/Highway Yes West of Melbourne (543880) East of Melbourne (543883)
A8 Western Freeway/Highway Yes 543673 / 2205919
A20 Sturt Highway Yes 5638
A39 Goulburn Valley Highway Yes
A79 Calder Highway Yes 543725
A200 Henty Highway Yes 1390162
A300 Midland Highway Yes 1957679
A420 Bass Highway Yes 2344965
A440 South Gippsland Highway Yes 544077
A780 Westernport Highway Yes 364816
A790 Calder Alternative Highway Yes
M1 Princess Freeway etc Yes 2237771
M3 Eastern Freeway & Eastlink Yes 544074
M8 Western Freeway/Highway Yes 543659
M31 Hume Freeway/Highway Yes Yes 240718
M39 Goulburn Valley Highway Yes
M79 Calder Freeway Yes 543700
M80 Western Ring Road & Metropolitan Ring Road Yes NH-M80 (379651) M80 (TBA)]
M420 South Gippsland Freeway/Highway Yes 544084
M780 Westernport Highway Yes 364337
B12 Mallee Highway Yes 1722595
B23 Monaro Highway Yes 544058
B75 Northern Highway Yes Partially 307405
B100 Surf Coast Highway & Great Ocean Road Yes
B110 Nepean Highway, Point Nepean Road & Bellarine Highway Yes 402489
B120 Hopkins Highway Yes
B140 Hamilton Highway Yes
B160 Glenelg Highway Yes 1807356
B180 Pyrenees Highway Yes 906168
B200 Henty Highway Yes 1400985
B210 Stawell – Warracknabeal Road Yes
B220 Sunraysia Highway Yes 1925302
B240 Wimmera Highway Yes 1392004
B260 Loddon Valley Highway Yes 162098
B280 McIvor Highway Yes 359792
B300 Melba Highway, Maroondah Highway & Midland Highway Yes Yes 377765
B320 Maroondah Highway Yes Yes 377764
B340 Goulburn Valley Highway Yes Partially 377787
B360 Maroondah Highway Yes Yes 377788
B380 Warburton Highway Yes
B400 Murray Valley Highway Partially Partially 545644 Section between Kerang & Cohuna requires checking
B410 Bandiana Link Road Yes Yes 373955
B420 Phillip Island Road Yes 1425754
B460 Strzelecki Highway Yes
B500 Great Alpine Road Yes Partially 190803
C101 Yes 1969904
C103 Yes 1454395
C104 Yes
C105 Yes
C106 No
C107 Yes
C108 1971977
C111 Yes
C112 Geelong Yes
C115 Geelong Yes
C116 Geelong Yes
C119 Yes
C121 2115560
C122 Geelong Yes
C123 Geelong Yes
C124 Geelong Yes
C125 Yes
C126 Yes
C129 Yes
C135 Yes 2124663
C136 Geelong Yes May be incorrectly attributed east of M1
C146 Yes Not attributed correctly (road North of Colac)
C147 No
C148 Yes
C149 Yes
C151 Yes
C152 Yes
C154 Partially
C155 Yes
C156 Partially Small section north of Simpson completed
C157 Yes
C158 Yes Not attributed correctly
C159 Yes
C161 No
C162 No
C163 Partially
C164 Partially Not attributed correctly south of Cressy
C165 No
C166 Yes
C167 Yes
C168 No
C171 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C172 Yes
C173 Partially Not attributed correctly north of Camperdown
C174 Yes Incorreclty attributed
C176 Partially Majority missing
C178 Partially Small section south of C183 missing
C179 Partially Not attributed correctly
C182 Yes
C183 Partially
C184 No
C185 No
C186 No
C187 Yes Not attributed correctly
C188 No
C191 Yes Not attributed correctly
C192 Yes
C193 Yes Not attributed correctly
C194 Yes
C195 Partially Not attributed correctly
C196 No
C198 Yes
C203 No
C204 No
C205 No
C206 Partially
C207 Partially
C208 Partially South of Edenhope needs completing
C211 No
C212 Partially
C213 Yes
C214 No
C215 No
C216 Partially Small section between Stawell & Halls Gap missing
C217 Yes
C218 Yes
C219 No
C221 Yes
C222 Yes
C223 Yes
C224 No
C225 Yes
C226 No
C227 Partially
C228 Yes
C229 No
C231 Yes
C234 Yes
C236 Yes
C237 Murtoa - Glenorchy Road / Donald - Murtoa Road Yes
C238 Partially Donald to Marnoo needs completion
C240 Yes
C241 Daylesford to Geelong Yes
C243 Yes
C244 Yes
C246 Partially Needs to be mapped west of Sea Lake to the B200
C247 Partially Small section south of Walpeup complete
C248 No
C251 Yes
C252 No
C253 No
C254 Yes
C255 Yes 1166157Needs to be checked
C256 Yes 1167362 Needs to be checked east of Mildura, appears to extend too far
C261 Partially Small section north of Donald done
C262 Kerang to Quambatook Partially Partially 398336
C263 No 1787561
C264 Partially
C265 No
C266 Kerang to Boort Yes
C267 Wycheproof to Cohuna Partially West of Boort needs to be done
C268 Yes
C271 No
C272 No
C273 Boort to Wedderburn Partially
C287 Yes
C292 Ballarat Yes
C294 Ballarat Yes
C295 Ballarat Partially Incorrectly attributed; needs extending
C296 Ballarat Partially Missing western end
C305 Ballarat Yes
C307 Ballarat Yes
C311 Yes 1925336
C313 Yes Partially 385592
C314 Partially Not south of Wangarrata (perhaps not coded correctly)
C315 Yes Yes 373998
C316 Malmsbury to Daylesford Yes
C317 Woodend to Tylden Yes
C318 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C320 Mount Buller Road Partially 377766
C322 Macedon to Hanging Rock Yes 1921908
C323 Yes Yes 376129
C324 Woodend to Lancefield Yes Yes 960482
C325 Yes
C326 Yes
C327 Yes Small section north of Lake Eppalock incorrectly attributed
C328 Cameron Drive, top of Mt Macedon Yes
C329 Yes Yes 359788
C331 Yes
C332 Partially Yes 359787 Wills & Myers Streets need to be duplicated
C333 Yes
C334 Partially
C335 Yes Yes 359794
C336 Yes Yes 359755
C337 Yes Yes 936337Not attributed correctly north of C334
C338 Yes
C339 Partially Yes Carpenter Street needs to be duplicated
C341 Yes
C342 No
C343 Yes Yes 359793
C344 Yes
C347 Yes
C348 Yes Yes 1020625
C349 Yes 1799888
C351 Yes 1799853
C352 Yes 1951497
C353 Yes Yes 359790
C354 Yes
C355 Yes 1948397
C356 Yes
C357 Yes
C358 Yes
C359 Yes 1951480
C361 Yes
C362 Yes
C363 No
C364 Yes
C365 Partially Partially 384817 Not mapped south of A300
C366 Euroa - Mansfield Road Yes Partially 377780
C367 Partially 659661 Not attributed correctly
C369 Yes
C370 659659
C371 No 233972
C372 Partially 409180 Needs section added around Tungamah
C373 Benalla - Yarrawonga Road Yes Yes 385593
C374 Yes 1799932
C375 No
C376 No
C377 Yes
C378 No
C381 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C382 Yes
C383 Upper Goulburn Road Yes Yes 378683
C384 Yes 307345
C391 Shepparton Alternative Route Yes Yes 240715
C401 Yes 404196
C402 Yes 2021975
C403 Yes
C404 Yes 404189
C405 Yes
C406 Yes
C407 Yes 364492
C411 Yes
C412 Yes
C413 Yes 1331015
C415 Yes 1714724
C418 Yes
C421 Yes
C422 Yes
C423 Yes
C424 Yes
C425 Yes
C426 Partially
C427 Yes
C431 Yes
C432 Yes
C433 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C434 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C435 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C436 Corinella to A420 Yes
C437 Yes
C438 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C441 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C442 Yes
C443 No
C444 Meeniyan to Tidal River Yes
C445 Foster to Sandy Point Yes Yes 382219
C446 Foster to C444 Yes
C449 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C452 Yes
C453 Partially Not correctly attributed
C454 No
C455 No
C456 Yes 1454278
C457 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C458 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C459 No
C464 Yes
C465 Yes
C466 Partially 1977423
C467 Yes 1976843
C468 Partially Incorrectly attributed
C469 Yes
C471 Yes 1975357
C472 Yes
C473 Phillip Island Yes
C474 Yes 1454297
C475 Yes
C476 Yes
C477 Yes
C478 Phillip Island Yes
C481 Yes
C482 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C483 Yes
C484 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C485 Yes 1643908
C487 no
C491 Partially
C492 Yes
C493 No
C494 Yes
C496 No
C497 No
C505 Yes
C506 Yes
C507 Yes 1386814 / 1769089
C508 Yes
C511 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C512 Yes 1769088
C515 Yes
C516 Maroondah Highway Yes Yes 377781
C517 Partially Partially 377751
C518 Midland Highway Yes Yes 377761
C521 Yes Yes 3777052
C523 Yes
C524 Yes
C525 No
C526 Buffalo River Road Yes Yes 376382
C527 Yes
C528 Partially
C531 Kiewa Valley Highway / Bogong High Plains Road Yes Partially (374045) Incorrectly attributed south east of Falls Creek
C532 Yes
C533 Yes Partially 374046
C534 Yes Partially 374048
C535 Yes
C536 Tawonga Gap Road Yes Yes 374114
C537 Yes
C541 Yes
C543 Partially
C544 Yes
C545 Yes
C546 Yes
C547 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C548 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C601 No
C602 No
C603 No
C604 Yes 2237763 Incorrectly attributed
C605 No
C607 No
C608 Yes Incorrectly attributed
C611 No
C612 Yes
C615 Yes
C616 No
C617 Yes
C618 No
C620 Yes
C701 Yes 1889670
C702 Yes 1851485
C703 Balliang to Werribee Yes 2003459
C704 Geelong to Bacchus Marsh Yes 1918193
C705 1693485
C706 Yes 1693484
C707 Yes
C708 Yes 1916174
C722 Yes
C723 Yes 950143
C724 Yes 1766929
C725 No 2278184
C726 Yes 952484
C727 Yes 570632
C728 Yes 958577
C729 Yes 951512
C731 Yes 957324
C739 Yes 334703
C743 Yes 332625
C746 Yes 957507
C754 Yes 376925 / 1727867 Incorrectly attributed
C777 Yes 2079720
C781 Yes
C782 Yes
C783 Yes 1459156
C784 Yes
C785 Yes 2083734
C786 Yes 2079880
C787 Yes 1456207
C788 Yes 1459180
C789 Yes 1462479
C792 Macedon to Woodend Yes Yes 382198
C794 905269
C805 Ballarat Yes
OD1 Melbourne Yes
OD2 Melbourne Yes
OD3 Melbourne Yes
OD5 Melbourne Yes
OD6 Yarram Partially
OD7 Stratford
OD8 Western Ring Road Yes
OD9 Morwell
OD11 Geelong Yes
OD12 Geelong Yes
OD13 Geelong Yes
OD14 Geelong Yes
OD16 Bendigo Yes
OD17 Bendigo No
OD18 Bendigo No
OD19 Bendigo No
OD22 Alexandra