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Where ?

This is the interchange of highways 401 and 404, plus the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Complete, as of 11 November 2006

Complete as of 2006 Nov 11

Why ?

It could be argued, and I will put forward the hypothesis, that this is the most important highway interchange in Toronto. Let's get it mapped!

What ?

Okay, this interchange is huge and complex. You can hardly be blamed for only having a portion of it mapped. Over a dozen lanes of 401 in two collectors and two express groups, plus two transfer lane pairs, flyovers, underpasses, merging ramps, split ramps... It's quite a mess of concrete, steel and asphalt. Never mind that it always seems to be jammed with homicidal commuters (or equally pleasant construction workers).

When ?

We might as well map this thing now. It's not like they'll actually finish the construction on this interchange any time before the heat-death of the Universe.


up to 2006 October 13

progress 2006 Oct 13

Lots of commuter tracks give a a hint of the location of the interchange but don't really tell us the whole story.

2006 October 14

progress 2006 Oct 14

One session of attempting to map each ramp of the interchange gives the interchange more form.

2006 October 28

progress 2006 Oct 28

Interchange mostly traced and tagged. Approximately 90% complete.

2006 November 07

progress 2006 Nov 07

Still one ramp to trace from 404 Collector lanes Southbound to 401 Collector lanes Westbound.