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Status: Proposed (under way)
RFC start: 2012-01-17

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This appears to be superseded by Tag:leisure=amusement_arcade.


Amusement arcades in various guises are found in most larger towns and cities in the UK.


There is currently no category that these fit in to. If there was a casino category then they may fit in there but amusement arcades warrant a separate category in my view, as amusements are usually just machines whereas casinos generally also have card games/roulette and so on.


Amusement arcades are most commonly associated with seaside resorts, where there are large arcades with hundreds of machines. These include basic slot machines, crane toy grabbers, penny pushers and more sophisticated electronic machines such as Skill Ball Bingo and quiz machines. They sometimes also include arcade games such as driving/shooters. Larger arcades may also feature Prize Bingo and cafes. These are usually found on piers or fronting the promenade.

Amusement arcades are also often associated with fairgrounds, such as Clarence Pier in Portsmouth


As well as the larger amusements mentioned above, there are smaller versions in shop units in many UK High Streets. These generally offer fewer machines.




NOTE: the term 'amusement' is probably best avoided; even when there is only a single venue it is usually referred to as plural.

It could be argued that this would fit better under amenity or leisure and that is up for debate. I propose shop because they are typically found in shop units.

Applies to

This could apply to both nodes and areas.


A slot machine of some kind would be a good symbol, or something symbolic of that such as 777 or three fruits.

Features/Pages affected

I would think this would justify an entry in the master Map Features list and perhaps a separate Wiki page with a description/examples.


Thanks folks, if you need any further info/photos/examples etc, please let me know. GaryReggae 12:57, 17 January 2012 (UTC)