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Ashtech, formerly known as Magellan Professional, is a manufacturer of high-performance GNSS devices aimed at professional applications like land and marine surveying.

MobileMapper CE

This device is discontinued and the predecessor of MobileMapper CX

MobileMapper CE is a rugged DGPS device which runs on Windows CE.

The GPS feature offers 14 parallel channels and can use DGPS correction from EGNOS, WAAS or GLONASS. So you can get a submetric precision. Generally it take a few minutes to initialize and fixing a new position and a few more to get on DGPS. Then, it's very fast to get a new fix even when it is partially obstructed by masks.

It's rugged and waterproof (1.5 m) and the lithium-ion battery is designed to give 8 hours of power.

You can directly share data with SD Memory Card, by connecting with ActiveSync or with Bluetooth.

The Mobile Mapper CE is particulaly designed for GIS professionals so you can find mobile GIS software which run on it like : Arcpad or Edipocket. Softwares takes benefit of the windows CE .NET environnement, the full-color display with touch panel and the integrated alphanumeric keyboard.

I have made a comparative log of a Thales MobileMapper CE (MMCE) and a FAC GDL30 MMC DATA LOGGER (a kind of GPS blackbox). You can find them here:

  • 2006 08 03 Romans Sur Isere Grenoble Albertville Ugine Les Contamines Montjoie FAC GDL30 MMC DATA LOGGER.gpx.gz
  • 2006.08.03.A.GPX.gz for the MMCE

I have never use any Garmin GPS so I don't have any point of comparaison for urban mapping. But, one of the purpose of the MMCe is its quality of detecting SNR signal (Signal sur bruit in french) and the ability of fixing it. It is specially dedicated of using in urban environnement (to avoide urban canyoning effect) and under the forest canopy. The MMCE is more dedicated for static mapping than for kinetic mapping. It is not configured to estimate a point with the coordinates of last one evaluated with speed and azimuth. The main difference between the MMCE and MMPro belong to the software. The MMCE comes with WindowsMobile CE (v. 5?) but without any mapping software. The MM Pro come with Thales mapping software. Alban 07:56, 15 Aug 2006 (BST). edited by Blackadder 08:34, 15 Aug 2006 (BST)

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