Aug 2010 DB server RAM upgrade

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Tuesday 24th August 2010 at 8am (UTC+0) we had planned downtime lasting ~1h30mins. Increasing the RAM in the DB server (Servers/smaug)

What is affected?

The API and all DB dependant services

During the downtime you will not be able to use OpenStreetMap editors to make changes to the map data (They use the API). not be able to download data either.

The only way you might work on the map would be to use JOSM or Merkaartor and download some data to edit offline. If you are doing this, you may need to take care with conflict resolution when saving your changes after the API comes back online.

The OpenStreetMap website will also be affected. The plan is to keep the front page map display at looking similar to normal. The Export tab will also work, but other areas of the site will be deactivated. You will not be able to login and view/upload GPS traces. Things like user diaries, user edits view, changesets and element browsing screens, will all be deactivated with a holding page during the work.

External services using the API will likely be affected by the API downtime. This may (or may not) include things like tiles@home and XAPI.


The tile server will continue to serve tiles to all other applications and websites during the work (Both mapnik and osmarender layers) and so maps will continue to display on other websites such as (No planned downtime, but note that we do not guarantee availability of the tile server even in normal circumstances. See Tile usage policy)

Also unaffected: