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Promotional Materials for OSM in Australia

Ideas for new material

Below is some ideas for some promotional material for new mappers.

Mapping is not difficult but finding out the basics can be a bit daunting. I think it may be a confidence issue. I could break something.

What I struggled with initially is understanding how to deal with traces that are not on top of each other and where best to draw the road. I also am trying to find out how best to use information from maps and without compromising copyright. I don't record street names and such like I go look them up online. I don't use maps to trace roads as most of them don't agree with the traces anyway.

What I am finding challenging is getting roundabout's drawn and getting 'onramps' to freeways drawn. sometime the traces will not join or the direction is totally wrong.. I use JOSM and Potlatch.

I am learning lot from the mailing list.

I will make one suggestion make it as brief as possible and if possible have some written with diagrams instructions as well that can be left open in a browser window to refer to. Maybe they exists already but I find it difficult to track down on the wiki because I don't know what terms to use to ask the questions.

Thanks very much. I hope this helps a bit. I am not good at expressing myself.