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Some messages generated by the MediaWiki free software used to run this OSM wiki, are returning some wikilinks intended to go to some pages on the MediaWiki documentation wiki and are using an interwiki prefix mw:, instead of returning external links using full URLs.

Because this local OSM wiki currently does not follow the mw: interwiki prefix, these wikilinks do not work as intended and are treated as broken links, i.e. show as "red links" to missing articles in the main namespace of this local OSM wiki (these links go to the wiki editor for creating a new page on this wiki).


  • The mw: prefix used on these pages does not match with any language code so they do not conflict with existing translations on this wiki. The following pages are not locally translatable. For linking to its own local translations, MediaWiki uses another convention using language code suffixes (i.e. using subpages after a "/"). So the pages listed below must not be moved/renamed (unless they have also been moved/renamed on the MediaWiki wiki): they should match exactly the full pagenames used on the Mediawiki wiki, with only the mw: prefix prepended).
  • The following pages are usually not linked from any other page of this wiki, but they should not be deleted, they are still referenced by some wiki-formatted contents returned:
  • The following pages only contain simple redirects, by prepending an additional w: interwiki prefix (i.e. by passing through Wikipedia, that supports the mw: interwiki prefix) – the same technic can be used on this local OSM wiki to link to any pages in Wikimedia Commons (which is also used as the shared repository for media files in the local File: namespace) by using w:c: instead of c:, (because the local OSM wiki also does not currently follow the c: interwiki prefix) or for linking to any other interwiki prefix followed by Wikipedia.
  • All existing pages on this local OSM wiki and whose title starts by mw: (normally listed in italic if they are simple redirects) should also be listed in this category, and should only consist in such redirects followed by a categorization in this category: any other contents in these pages may be discarded (or should moved to other pages on this wiki, if needed).