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In order to maintain database accuracy (Not routing accuracy, there is no standard routing algorithm thus this should not be considered):

Any "Connector Road" segment should be tagged with the same highway key as the road it derives off of.

In the case of multiple roads deriving off of one connector segment it should be marked as the highest priority highway=* tag for any direction of traffic flow on that conector segment.

Think of it as a priority by route.


EXAMPLE: As below if Kerry Street was a teritiary road (and Kobelke residential and Grand Prom. primary) the connector segment inbetween should be marked as a tertiary road and remain unnamed. If there were more roads intersecting at the same node (I.e A "Y" Junction crossing a dual carriage-way) and say one was secondary, one residential and one teritary, the connector should be secondary - the highest priority for the possible route that traverses this segment.

LINK ROADS: Should only be used on lengthy turn segments including ramps where there is a multiple road junction and not on continuing roads or connector segments separating continuing roads even if their names differ,

but should be used on the turn segment portion of these continuing roads. (I.e if there were physically separate traffic lanes it MAY be appropriate for the left and right turn to be mapped (tagged) as *_link but not for the straight or continuing road.

Simple Round-a-bouts or *rotaries do not use link roads* turn segments as the continuing traffic flow (To the same named road) overlaps the turn segments which it is appropriate to use the *_link key on. Again think by possible route.


The same ideology goes for the naming of "Connector Road" segments

The "Connector Road" segment should be named with the same name key as the road it derives off of

If there are multiple names for the abutting roads at the terminuses of the connector segments the connector segment should be nameless

Multiple names include the lack of a name for one or more roads.

EXAMPLE: If a connector road is formed by a "T" Junction or "+" Junction intersecting a dual carriage-way with only one road name then then the connector road retains the name of the single abutting road. As below if Kobelke Street was infact called Kerry Street, or didn't exist then the connector segment could be named as Kerry Street

As below if Kobelke Street intersected an unnamed service road (in place of Kerry Street) then the connector road would be nameless (Multiple Names) and be tagged as the highest highway priority being residential.

Simple Round-a-bouts or *rotaries are not named* as multiple routes can typically traverse these, small circular roads or closes with one naming scheme for the abutting roads, is thus named as the abutting roads.