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Sorry for you that only the template is in English, but I'm from German and I don't know enough words to write the whole proposal in English.

Motorway junction types
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Mabull
Tagging: motorway_junction:type:system/motorway_junction:type:service=*
Rendered as: *
Drafted on: 2015-07-10

How To Map

Set a node at the middle of the interchange. Tag the node with junction=interchange and motorway_junction:type:*=*. (Setze einen Punkt in die Mitte der Anschlussstelle/des Autobahnkreuzes/-dreiecks und tagge ihn mit junction=interchange und motorway_junction:type:*=*.)

System interchanges (Autobahnkreuze, -dreiecke) motorway_junction:type:system=*

cloverleaf: Cloverleaf interchange (Kleeblatt)

stack: Stack interchange (Malteserkreuz)

cloverstack: Mix of cloverleaf and stack interchange (halb Kleeblatt, halb Malteserkreuz)

turbine: Turbine interchange (Turbine)

turbinestack: Turbine-stack interchange (halb Turbine, halb Malteserkreuz)

roundabout_two-level: Two-level roundabout (Kreisverkehr mit endenden Autobahnen)

roundabout_three-level: Three-level roundabout (Kreisverkehr)

windmill: Windmill (Windmühle)

diverging_windmill: Diverging windmill (auseinanderstrebende Windmühle)

divided_volleyball: Divided volleyball (geteilter Volleyball)

full_diamond: Full diamond interchange

u_turns: U turns (Autobahnkreuz mit Wenderampen)

directional_t: Directional T interchange (Dreieck)

trumpet: Trumpet interchange (Trompete)

semi-directional_t: Semi-directional T interchange

half_clover: Half clover interchange (halbes Kleeblatt)

3/4-volley: 3/4-volley (Dreiviertel-Volleyball)

t-bone: T-bone interchange (Birne)

3-way_roundabout: Three way roundabout (Kreisverkehr am Autobahndreieck)

two-way: Two-way interchange

other: None of the above system interchange types (keiner der obigen Typen)

incomplete: Incomplete interchange (unvollständig)

Service interchanges (Autobahnanschlussstellen) motorway_junction:type:service=*

diamond: Diamond interchange (Holländerrampen, Raute)

dumbbell: Dumbbell interchange (Hantel)

dogbone: Dogbone interchange (Hundeknochen)

ddi: Diverging Diamond Interchange (auseinanderstrebende Raute)

spui: Single-point urban interchange (SPUI)

folded_diamond: Folded Diamond (halbes Kleeblatt)

4-ramp_partial_cloverleaf: Four ramp partial cloverleaf (halbes Diagonal-Kleeblatt)

6-ramp_partial_cloverleaf: Six ramp partial cloverleaf (Sechsrampen-Teilkleeblatt)

three-level_diamond: Three-level diamond

rotary: Rotary (Kreisverkehr)

other: None of the above service interchange types (Keiner der obigen Typen)

incomplete-n Incomplete interchange. n defines the number of ramps (when the number is unknown, you can leave out the hyphen and the number) (unvollständig – n definiert die Anzahl der Rampen (falls Anzahl unbekannt, kann der Bindestrich und die Zahl weggelassen werden.))