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DeLorme ( is U.S. vendor of business and consumer GPS Receivers and commercial map data.

OpenStreetMap on a DeLorme

Starting from ESRI shapefiles (See Shapefiles page for various options to create or download shapefiles created from OpenStreetMap data) there is a program written by a DeLorme user to convert shapefiles to text files that then can be imported into the DeLorme XMap program as map layers. The program is called SHP2DRAW :

It is possible to convert the highways according to their classifications, i.e primary, secondary, etc, bringing each of these groups into DeLorme XMap as its own separate layer so that the color and width of the lines showing the highways can be chosen accordingly. Its not the best solution to creating maps but it does give something usable on the GPS screen. This is better than the data provided in the DeLorme base maps for areas outside of the U.S.

You can also convert OSM files using GPSBabel, however this is very tedious to handle on the DeLorme side. All of the nodes are brought in as waypoints and all of the ways are brought in as lines. To get something useful on the GPS screen, you need to delete all of the nodes. If you want to differentiate between primary an secondary nodes, then you need to sort these out individually. Tedious and time consuming for any significant area.

A conversion program could eventually be made if there was a demand.

Earthmate PN-60

DeLorme Earthmate PN-60
Description logger
GNSS 51 channels
chipset: STM Cartesio
augmentation: waas
Memory Internal: 3500MB (25.000.000 max logging). External: ? sd.
Connectivity bluetooth
Emblem-question.svg addresses Emblem-question.svg points of interest
Emblem-question.svg mass storage mode Emblem-question.svg Waterproof