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Current Statistics

Updated weekly: V1 Object Statistics

NOTE: this is based on object creation and is the best indication of the current status.

Updated daily: odbl_agreement_ch.txt and odbl_agreement_ch_highway.txt (just highways).

NOTE: the above numbers do not include contributors that already had to accept the CTs when signing up and are based on the last edit of the objects.

Updated weekly, includes stats for other countries: odbl.de

NOTE: LARGE files. Based on last edit and has become less relevant over time. Numbers include new mappers that automatically accepted the CTs, insofar the numbers are too optimistic. The summary numbers at top of the files include numbers for object creators (sure to survive relicensing) and last edit.

None of above claim scientific accuracy and all should be simply viewed as an indication of how the adoption of the ODBL, or to be exact: of the contributor terms, is progressing.

For all other countries watch and use the list on this wiki page.

Missing Contributors from the Top 1076 (equivalent to 99% of CH-data) Mappers

These are contributors that haven't yet responded to the mails from the OSMF and should probably be contacted again before their data is replaced. The list doesn't contain anybody from the list above nor mappers that have explicitly said no (some special cases like 80n have been removed too). The list used to have roughly 220 entries, more than half of the mappers responded within two weeks. Current count: 42 not responded, 8 declined.

screen name status
7270martin m
Caracal m
Caturix m
Dasch m f
Gürkli m
Hey m
Jan1980 m
Knolle m
KurtSalzmann m
Live Auea m
Numn m
Schnake m
SeineDudheit m
Viehfutter m
Walliser m
ash1 m
axlwithe m
castelgrande m i
chrigi m
cv_alkan m
distributed m
drT m
ffgeowil m
franwo m
g_zuri m
knurrgaga m
luell2009 m
michih m
nawack m f
quaker0 m
schoepfi m
searphim m
stefanozh m
taronja m
user_4133 m
walpino m
weinlaender m
wildhorse m
ƒred m f
  • status:
    • a = accepted
    • f = french speaking
    • i = italian speaking
    • e = english speaking
    • m = e-mail sent / other contact
    • r = responded
    • n = no response

Missing Contributors up to 99.9%

Same as above simply for the next 0.9% of last edit data. Over 62% have agreed up to now. Current count: 109 not responded (originally 291), 6 declined (originally 6).

screen name status
4Ra_Marc S m
555a-ba S m
Alessia & Daniela S m
Arthur S m
Auryn S m
Beni_scherer S m
Boogie S m
BurriMap S m
Bärner S m
C7- S m
Crashdax S m
Demierre S m f
Der_Riese S m
Dtuga S m f
EPFL S m f
EdVanStrom S m
Frau Heu S m
Hyrion S m
JHarrison S m
Jesterhead S m
Jimmy1987 S m
JonathanSchmitt S m
Judit S m
Julien_ S m f
Kevin Weibel S m
Laurel S m f
MAPhistopheles S m f
Marco Buholzer S m
Mastique S m f
Matz S m
Maxence Laurent S m f
MicheleK S m i
Mirko Küster S
MirkoFischli S m
Mocha S m
Neotek S m
Nikus S m f
Oliver Klein S m
Penguinman S m
Pittiplatsch S m e
Popup S m
Schurti S m
Sherwood S m
SilvanKöppel S m
Stefan Ziegler S m
SuperMario S m
Thiemo S m
Tobias_CH S m
Uhu S m
ado8 S m
akzidenzgrotesk S m
alanso S m
alkaz S m f
andi_6 S m
anthraxius S m
arogge S m
bargello S m i
bergvelo S m
bevanoGirl S m i
bugme22 S m
calimarno S m f
carl0z S m
chillong S m
crmc S m
daniii_r S m
ddiethelm S m
deshogues S m f
dominico S m
etmo S m
fanky S m
flitz S m
fneon S m
guetux S m
heimann S m
hepeja S m
ig1 S m
ijpi S m
jbmapper S m
joam S m f
joram S m
jrmoret S m f
kambishi S m
kupper S m f
ldrolez S m f
lillydog S m f
lorenz_b S m
mapper_lms S m
markab0572 S m
melco S m
nobody-is-at-home S m
opuhupo S m
pipoeb S m f
rac S m
reineke S m
roadrunners S m
saimo S m
sarafischer S
schrom1 S m
simonmaurer S m
skamster S m f
sut_zh S m
tech_gis S m e
test_maik S m
titus_gva S m f
trabs25 S m
tscheinsch S m
uzipuzitralalalala S m
vanoo S m
wildsau S m
yalcinkaya S m
zoninoz S m

Contacted Mappers from the remaining 0.1%

There are a number of mappers in this last segment (roughly 500 total that haven't agreed) that actually have substantial contributions but nearly no last edit objects.

screen name status
mroth S m
Suisse_Pedro S m
sopaluma S m
oe7tkh S m
coccu73 S m
yellowfish S m
angi S m
Grisu S m