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Traffic in some periods of the year

At the time I'm writing this, Spanish page says: En Argentina se usa para caminos con disponibilidad temporal, ej.: caminos por lechos de ríos donde no se puede pasar durante la estación lluviosa. ... from which I deduce something like "this tag is used for roads whose traffic is possible temporarily, for example roads which are traversed by a river which cannot be crossed in the rain season". I have two concerns about that:

  1. No other page describing this tag (especially the English one) talks about this usage. To be precise, there has been an attempt end of 2012 for such a description in the EN page, which has been reverted a few days later.
  2. Moreover, for the aforementioned case, I would tag as highway=* (probably unclassified) + ford=yes...

This explains why I decided to put a translation-out-of-sync template at the top. Bibi6 (talk) 13:45, 17 May 2015 (UTC)