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Jungle Bus
Screenshot of Jungle Bus
Auteur : Jungle Bus association
Licence : GNU General Public License v3 (gratuit)
Plateforme : Android
Version : 1.2 (2017-07-11)
Langues : français et anglais
Site Internet :
Installation :
Code source :
Langage de programmation : Java

Jungle Bus Mapping Tool. Latest Material Design, add/edit/delete features for bus stops only.

Jungle Bus is an Android app for on-site bus stop collection.

It's dedicated to a new generation of users that don't have the patience to learn complicated tools. It's simple, straightforward and efficient.

This java-based app is a fork of OSM Contributor edited by the company Jawg Maps for the Jungle Bus project.

Jungle bus animation-screens.gif


The main goal is to allow a small group of contributors to collect all bus stops within a city to create a transport map.

It's based on the Nicaraguan successful Mapanica project that produced the first Transport map of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. It's the first transport map of central America.

The Jungle Bus project produces tools to lower the entry barriers for such a project, such as (but not limited to) the Jungle Bus mobile app.

Key features

Already available:

  • Display bus stops all over the world
  • Easy to create/move/delete bus stops
  • Edit details of bus stops such as presence of a shelter or a bench
  • Download a zone to work offline: works even in the jungle
  • Introduction tutorial for beginners
  • Contribute with your own OSM account. Create an OSM account with your Google account if needed
  • Available in French and English


The app is currently available in French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, Portugese and Japanese.

Please help us translate it in your own language.

Planned features

Soon to be released (in 2017):

  • Data to be loaded and stored in vectorial format: quicker UI, quicker data loading and less space used to store local data
  • Relation edit: add bus relations to bus stops
  • Support public_transport V2 model
  • Even simpler forms
  • Take a bus_stop picture and upload it automatically to Mapillary / possible to use your own Mapillary account / add a Mapillary=* tag to the bus stop
  • More translations
  • Several bug stability fixes