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project never materialised

Featurama will be the new web application that aims at being the reference point for all OSM features handling: from discussion on new features and serving map features page (localized) to output the machine-readable file for applications which is actually under discussion.

Possible features

  • Integration with the main OSM page account
  • Integration with a forum for discussions
  • Integration with a polling application for voting
  • Integration with tagwatch
  • Feature statuses: under discussion, rejected, approved, widely used, rarely used
  • I18n
  • Output of localized feature page for each community, eventually with "core features" (well established) and "likely to be used" features
  • Links for descriptions RFC
  • If possible, gather all information of tag used by each user (that can choose to let it be public or not) and his/her ideas on that tag using.
  • Smart search in tags and descriptions for newbies
  • Simple way for editor/renderer/router devs to publish the tag that they currently handle in their applications (eventually with images)
  • Localized Newsletter (for those who want) that send on user emails the tags under discussion or recently approved
  • Fields for tag scope (rural, cities, etc)
  • Possibility to reopen discussion on tags already approved

Rules algorithm approval

There are many proposals for the algorithm that should be used for approval, the following are some of the possibilities (doesn't mean I agree on all of them, but are some ideas), which will be discussed during development

  • Accept only votes of users that actively took part of a discussion
  • Obviously(?) a tag can be approved only if accepted by 51% of voting users

Who's going to develop

Please list also your skills (and eventually your nick on IRC), so we can find a common language to work on :)

  • Mario Ferraro (PHP, Java, a bit of Python, MySQL, HSQLDB, JavaScript, DojoToolkit, CSS, HTML, can find me in #osm #osm-dev with nick Merio)