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The Garmin Fenix is a wrist-mounted GPS device, designed for fitness/outdoor activities, released in 2012.

Garmin have followed it with several similar watches, for specific puropses: Tactix (military), Quatix (marine), and D2 (aviation). The Fenix 2 was released in 2014.

The Fenix can record a tracklog and waypoints. It can be set to record tracks as either GPX or FIT format, or both. It works as a USB Mass Storage Device.


The Fenix includes a basemap, and does not officially support additional mapping. But it is possible to load additional maps in the available memory (about 20MB). Due to the limited memory, and slow processor, it is probably best to use rather simplified maps.

Some OSM based maps for the Fenix are available from Maps for Garmin fenix - GMapTool

Ukraine OSM based maps for the Fenix you can get from

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