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This is an attempt to summarize what needs to be done to make a good tourist map of Oslo city center.

Micro mapping party

Suggested date for a micro mapping party is Saturday June 14th. Details will follow shortly... Please add your name here if you plan to attend:

Oppmøte: Lørdag kl. 11.00 i Østbanehallen. For å gjøre det mulig å finne hverandre, kommer jeg til å sette meg litt før på McDonalds ved utgangen mot Jernbanetorget, se etter en person med en hvit MacBook og noen papirer på bordet, eventuelt ring meg på 920 16 556.

Middag: Anslagsvis 15.00 på Peppes nederst på Karl Johan. Det er mulig vi avtaler noe annet, så sjekk mail eller wiki viss du kun har tenkt å komme for å spise.


If you do not want to jon the mapping, we will be dining (propably pizza at Peppes) iun the afternoon. You are of course welcome to join us there.

Streets, places and transportation

Most streets are in the map, but the tagging needs a second look:

Only a very few places are mapped. There is a list of "Plasser i Oslo" over at the Norwegian Wikipedia. The most important is probably Rådhusplassen.

Around Jernbanetorget the tramway system is being rebuilt, and even if this is now a construction site, some updates should be made.

The ferry terminals at Hjortneskaia (Color Line to Kiel) and Vippetangen (DFDS Seaways and Stena Line to Denmark) are important entry points for tourists. Currently they are mostly blank.

The bus terminal should be tagged, as well.


Nationaltheateret is excellently drawn, but other major buildings could need a better outline. Among them are The City Hall, The Royal Castle and Stortinget. The new Opera House is also just a sketch.

Oslo kommune have some information available at [1]. A "reguleringsplan" is probably not copyrightable, due to åvl §9.

Areas of special interest for tourists

Akershus Slott and Akershus Festning should be better mapped. There is no obvious way to tag this, but landuse=military and then draw all the buildings might be an option? A (copyrighted?) map of the buildings is available at

The outline of Aker Brygge includes the most important (Beer Palace pub), but lack details.

The Bygdøy peninsula, outside of the city center, is home to some of the most visited museums on Norway.


Marking points of interest in a city center is going to be a tradeoff between enough information, too much information and maintainability. A small cafe is probably of more interest deep into the forest, than on Karl Johan.

Hotels should probably be added, together with some restaurants and pubs.

All museums should probably be tagged. There is a list of museums and other attractions at the Visit Oslo web site: