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Let's try and make 2012 the year in which we complete, or almost complete, all the rights of way in an English county - Hampshire. OSM road coverage of many parts of the UK is virtually complete in many areas, but footpaths are still lagging behind. However some counties appear to be getting some way towards completion and one of them is Hampshire, which has seen footpath coverage grow significantly over the last three years or so. While I don't know for certain, I think that if enough people are up for it, there's a good chance all the rural rights of way in the county can be complete by the end of next year.


Here is a list of areas of the county for which significant mapping of footpaths still needs to be done, to the best of my knowledge. Feel free to split some of the larger areas up if you know them well, I don't know some of the areas in the far north of the county that well and consequently the areas here are rather big.



Description of areas

Number Area Coverage Volunteer for 2012 Proposed completion date/progress
1 North of Andover and South of the Bourne river (Hurstbourne Tarrant, St Mary Bourne etc) Now mostly good, but significant paths missing in Enham Alamein area nickw Spring 2012
2 North of St Mary Bourne, south of the Wayfarers Walk, west of the A303 Partly done, some gaps nickw (southern area) Summer 2012
3 Burghclere/Kingsclere/Highclere area Complete in parts but area near Berks border looks empty. Don't know this area well.
4 Bramley/Mortimer area Really don't know this area at all, there may be missing paths
5 Hook/Hartley Wintney area, roughly S of the Berks border, N of the SWT main line, and M3 (large area) Again, complete in parts but empty-looking in others, and again, don't know this area well
6 Fleet-Odiham-Alton-Farnham quadrangle (large area) Some areas look a bit patchy
7 Kingsley/Bentley area, SE of the A31, W of the A325, N of the B3004 Still many missing paths according to 7th Series nickw Late winter/Spring 2012 - some progress 25/02/12
8 Blackmoor/Greatham/Liss area Largely done but a few missing paths nickw Believed DONE now.
9 East Tisted area Virtually complete, but scattered missing paths according to 7th Series nickw Spring 2012
10 W of Andover, N of A30, S of A303 Largely complete, some areas look a bit empty
11 SW Hampshire, Sway and New Milton area A few missing paths nickw Summer 2012
12 Avon Valley, between Ringwood and Fordingbridge Believed to be a few missing paths
13 Far west Hampshire, Martin area, west of Fordingbridge and the A338 Very empty in parts