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The OSM-HEIG-VD team is an embryo independant team whos aim is to contribute to OSM-HOT in terms of partnership.


Promote the OSM-HOT project in its various aspects, trying to achieve a non-profit, win-win relationship.

The HEIG-VD school of applied sciences located in Yverdon-les-bain, is a pool of knowleges from different fields such as economical, technical, organizational.

Brainstorm, raw ideas

  • Proposal of a course "HOT project organisation and technology" during the elective courses sessions in summer.
  • Proposal of one or more graduate work involving the HOT project - subjects can involve both technical aspects, organisational, mediatic and/or economical.


HOT Course

  • Goals
    • Demystify HOT project, put it in a clear way
    • Make the link between students profile and HOT project skills/needs, discuss how students could be interested in HOT project
  • Contents
    • Clear presentation of the HOT project: purpose, goals, ressources, portfolio, projects
    • Develop the different aspects of the HOT project: technology, philosophy, competences/skills, organization type, human

HOT Graduate works

  • Fields of interests
    • IT plateform (processing, organizational, representational, ...)
    • Organisational (workflow analysis/optimization/proposal, communication enhencement proposal?)
    • Economical (community value study, achieved work economical value, ...)