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This will become the documentation page for the wheelchair toilet import of data donated from CBF Darmstadt e.V..

Contact Persons

Type of Import

Datasource accuracy and licensing (also summarised on Potential Datasources)

  • Datasource is a donation of an MS Excel list of wheelchair accessible toilets with eurokey from CBF.

Import/Software you plan to use. Share the source code you are using.

  • Manually check data
  • Add postcodes
  • Find housenumber matches.

Matching house numbers

  • Download matches, add tags to .osm
  • Upload with JOSM to OSM

Matching streets, Housenumber interpolation

  • Download housenumber interpolation vektors
  • Interpolate position
  • Add node and tags + FIXME
  • Upload with JOSM to OSM

Only street match

No address match

Exactly how data will be translated from another format into OSM format

  • Todo: Enter script here.

How the resulting data will look. Exact tags being used.

User: to be defined, e.g. CBF_Import



If needed:

Link to sample data imported on the test database.

  • not yet

==User name of the account performing the import, and other details of how the changesets will be tagged And as the import progresses ==

  • Different names for the different import methods? (housenumber match // street match // ...)

Link to example data imported on the live database.

  • Not yet