Jubilee Greenway

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Jubilee Greenway

The Jubilee Greenway is an 80km walkway created by the Jubilee Walkway Trust to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games. The route uses parks, canals, roads and waterways to link the various East London venues of the 2012 Olympic Games. It appears to be managed by Walk London together with the various host boroughs. The Trust presents the walk in 12 sections. The (Diamond) Jubilee Greenway shares some of its route with The (Silver) Jubilee Walkway, which can cause some confusion.


relation 380856 includes the whole circular route which starts and finishes at Buckingham Palace. A branch goes from Victoria Park to the Thames at Limehouse. All of the route south of the Thames is shared by the Thames Path and, in places, by other London walks.


The full length of this walk has been mapped and it, like all other London walks, awaits a coherent access structure that will enable users to selectively view and print parts of the walk, probably on the basis of a selected start/end point and/or mileage. The most important missing feature is any dedicated rendering that will show the walking route superimposed on the highway infrastructure, so that a walker can follow the route when it uses highways.

External Links

The Jubilee Walkway Trust web site provides downloadable directions and maps for the Jubilee Greenway. [1]

Walk London presents the same route in 5 sections, also with downloadable maps and directions. [2]

The Jubilee Walkway is in progress of being mapped for OSM.

Walk London (Transport for London) operates a site with links to the main London Walks, a walkfinder map, and promotes various walking-related events. [3]

The Jubilee Greenway route can be viewed here. [4]