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Outdoor shop.png
A shop selling trekking, climbing, camping equipment. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Shops
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Shop sell trekking, climbing, camping equipment (and GPSes)

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline.

Tag it with shop=outdoor and name=*.

Tags to use in combination

How to Map

Tagging scheme for shop=outdoor
Tag Description Value
name=* Name of the shop.
opening_hours=* When the shop is open. Tool to test the format
website=* Website for further details http://
fishing:clothes If it sells special fishing clothes. yes/no
fishing:parts If it sells fishing accessories yes/no
camping:parts If it sells camping accessories yes/no
camping:tents If it sells tents yes/no
camping:sleeping_bags If it sells sleeping bags yes/no
climbing:shoes If it sells special shoes for climbing yes/no
climbing:parts If it sells special equipment such as ropes yes/no
mtb:sales If it sells mountainbikes yes/no
mtb:parts If it sells mountainbike accessories / spare parts yes/no
mtb:clothes If it sells mountainbike clothes yes/no
mtb:shoes If it sells mountainbike shoes yes/no
boat:parts If it sells boat accessories / spare parts see shop=boat
boat:clothes If it sells boat clothes see shop=boat
canoe:sales If it sells canoes see shop=boat
canoe:rental If it rents canoes see shop=boat
canoe:parts If it sells canoe accessories / spare parts see shop=boat

Similar tags

  • shop=bicycle - Outdoor mountain biking type shops can be similar, but if its primarily selling/renting bicycles and bike accessories, use this tag.
  • shop=sports - A shop for sports equipment (think golf, or tennis, or fitness).