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The collection times of a post box or recycling container Edit or translate this description.
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The collection times of a post box, recycling container or other fixed location drop-off facility. The syntax is the same as for opening hours, including the hyphen because there are post boxes which are emptied several (undefined) times or one (undefined) time in a certain time frame.

There are maps and evaluations tools available for this tag.

How to Map

The collection times tag uses the same syntax as for opening_hours=*, for example days have to be in English (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su) and times are according to the 24-hour clock format. See examples below or opening_hours for a complete description of the syntax. Note that this is a property tag so it must go with a related tag to indicate what the collection refers to (e.g. a post box, or recycling facility).

In some places, specific collections occur for mail which is destined for local mail distribution only. They can be tagged separately using the ":local" extension as shown in the local example below.

For mapping periodical points in time an additional syntax element is supported as described in the regular intervals example.


Single daily collection

A post box with single daily collections (at 17:30 on Mondays to Fridays, at 12:00 on Saturday, and no Sunday collection):

Multiple collections per day

Post box with multiple collections per day:

Once a week

A recycling container collected on a Monday (not at a set time):

Local mail collection

Post box with regular collections for all mail and an additional collection at 23:00 on Monday to Friday and Sunday for local mail only:

Collection at regular intervals

A post box with collections every three hours from 12:00 to 21:00 on Mondays to Fridays:

See Images for more examples.

Maps and evaluation tool s

A map of collection times in OpenStreetMap is available at: opening_hours_map

You can also use the evaluation tool to write and validate your collection_times=*.


  • The collection times in the German example can be tagged as collection_times=Mo-Fr 15:00,18:00,19:00,23:00; Sa 15:00; Su 10:30,23:00
  • The collection times in the British example can be tagged as collection_times=Mo-Fr 17:30; Sa 12:00; Su 13:00
  • The collection times in the American example can be tagged as collection_times=Mo-Fr 12:00,17:00; Sa 12:30
  • The collection times in the Belarus example can be tagged as collection_times=Mo 11:20,14:00; Tu-Fr 12:20,14:20; Sa 14:20
  • The collection times in the Italian example can be tagged as collection_times=Mo-Sa 12:00


PHP Code to parse opening_hours

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