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Yes or no, to indicate if money is charged to use this facility. See wiki for other values. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Properties
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Status: de facto

The fee tag is for specifying whether a fee is usually charged for a service, or for access.

Examples include car parking (amenity=parking) or toilets (amenity=toilets) or tourist attractions and historic buildings (e.g., historic=castle).


  • fee=yes - a fee is usually charged
  • fee=no - no fee usually charged

For more advanced rules about to whom / when the fee applies, one may use fee:conditional=* using conditional restrictions syntax. For example one may use fee:conditional=no @ customer or fee:conditional=yes @ (08:00-19:00). fee=* should still be used in that cases.

Fees for handicapped users can be indicated using fee:disabled=*

Similar tags

  • payment=* to indicate the precise method of payment.
  • toll=* to indicate that a road, bridge, ferry, or other way is tolled - that you must pay to use it. This key is used instead of fee=*.
  • charge=* to indicate which fee is charged (other undocumented keys for the same purpose are fee:amount=* and fee:price=*)