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A shop that rents different kinds vehicles or (sport) equipment. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Shops
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A shop that rents different kinds of vehicles or (sport) equipment

Some rentals can't be determined exactly,
as they offer a mix of different vehicles / equipment. If there's no "main purpose" (vehicle / sport / craft type), use shop=rental.

To express which kinds of vehicles / equipment and services are offered, use the corresponding services tags (See section "Vehicle types" below).

This "neutral key" is thought to be used similar as shop=vehicles, while the vehicles shop is mainly selling vehicles and accessories.

For shops which also rent different types of vehicles / equipment, use the corresponding shop=* type, for example shop=sports or shop=motorcycle.

How to map

Set a node node at the center of the feature or draw an area area along its outline. Tag it with shop=rental and name=*.

Tags used in combination

Common rental types

Tourism related

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A typical touristic mixture :

  • shop=rental
  • canoe:rental=yes
  • sailboard:rental=yes
  • atv:rental=yes
  • motorcycle:rental=yes
  • clothes:rental=sailboard;atv;motorcycle

A ski shop which got the main shop in the valley :

  • shop=sports
  • ski:sales=yes
  • snowboard:sales=yes
  • ski:parts=yes
  • ski:repair=yes
  • ski:clothes=yes (sells clothes)

...and a ski rental at the lift station :

  • shop=rental
  • ski:rental=yes
  • snowboard:rental=yes
  • clothes:rental=ski;snowboard

Other possibilities

Vehicle types

You may use the services tags described in the shops
to express further services they offer besides rental :

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