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Public-images-osm logo.svg prow_ref
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The reference number for Public Rights of Way (United Kingdom), as held by the Local Authority. Edit or translate this description.
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Status: unspecified

prow_ref=* is used to tag the reference number (or alphanumeric code) for Public Rights of Way in United Kingdom. prow_ref is used as it is mainly used for administrative purposes, and it may not signed on the ground. This usage also avoids any potential conflict when the right of way also follows a numbered road. These reference numbers are held by the relevant Local Authority and are starting to be released as Open Data. Many will be widely known by local footpath and ramblers societies, and others can be ascertained from legal diversion notices.

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A discussion on talk-gb mailing list in March 2013 seemed to end with this suggestion - namely (but read full message/thread):

I would suggest going for the "Ashleyhay FP 3" format as a default for the prow_ref key (i.e. parish name, two-letter type abbreviation, path number without leading zeros).

Numbering of PRoWs was usually done by civil parish, and a number might be used more than once across the different classes of PRoWs, so all three elements are normally needed.


The following abbreviations are based on a quick look at what has been used already in taginfo.

FP - Footpath
BR - Bridleway
BY - Byway Open to All Traffic
RB - Restricted Byway
CY - Cycleway