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Public-images-osm logo.svg winter_service
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To define if there is snow removal, gritting or salting on highways during winter time. Edit or translate this description.
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Status: approvedPage for proposal

 warning sign for limited winter service
warning sign for limited winter service


The winter service tag is used to specify, if the highway is serviced during winter to remain in working condition. Winter service of roads may contain snow plowing, salting, gritting etc.


Tag Description
winter_service=no No winter servicing at all. The highway might not be usable in wintertime with normal vehicles.
winter_service=limited Some winter service, but only occasionally. In Germany there are usually matching traffic signs.
winter_service=yes The road is serviced in winter. This does not guarantee the usability of the road in extreme weather.

Applies to ways and areas (e.g. pedestrian areas or parking lots). A single default value is not defined, because conventions vary depending on the area.

If known one can also tag more detailed similar to Mappa_Mercia.

See also

The main tag only describes the general level of winter service. In addition you can use more specific subkeys that describe other features:

Use by data consumers

When routing, roads should usually be presumed to be usable also in winter if the key is missing. Service status will be defined for all suitable ways to reflect which ways have an unknown status.