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NOTE: work in progress


This page contains some basic information about the Kosmos source code.


Kosmos is an open source project. This basically means that the author (User:Breki) is providing the source code together with the Kosmos releases. The source is licensed under the BSD license, which means you can do practically anything with the code, as long as you include an acknowledgment of the original source.


Some people have expressed their desire to contribute to the project. While I welcome other people's willingness to spend their time and effort on helping me on developing Kosmos, there are a few reasons while this will be difficult:

  • The Kosmos source code repository is located on my local SVN server and is not available from the outside. While I could move certain parts of the code to a public repository, this would cause problems for me since I share certain parts of the code with other projects I'm working on.
  • The code is poorly documented - and I don't have the time to write proper documentation.
  • The last and not the least: collaborative projects are different sort of animal from a one-man projects. I still have a lot of ideas (a lot!) which I want to implement and I intend to implement them if/when my free time allows it. But frankly I don't have the time for collaborative effort (mailing lists, forums, merging patches etc.)

However... If you feel that you can really contribute and the area of contribution is interesting (for both) and isolated enough to stand the test of constant code base changes, please contact me.

About The Code

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