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This page contains information about what's coming in next releases of Kosmos. It also contains (more or less) up-to-date information about the development status of individual features and my (User:Breki) assessment of when you can expect new releases.

UPDATE: this page needs a thorough update. I haven't been releasing any new 2.x versions for a long time. To see what's been happening, read my blog posts on Kosmos. --Breki 20:18, 6 January 2010 (UTC)

The last section contains a "wishlist" of features which will hopefully be implemented some time in the future. If you have a particular idea on what you would want to see in Kosmos, please write it down on the talk page and if I'll add a short entry into the wishlist if I see that the idea makes sense.

Release 2.3

Released on 13th November

  • Various memory and speed optimizations - FINISHED
  • Full Map Mode menu item for showing only the map (hiding other windows) - FINISHED
  • Improved reading and writing of OSM files - FINISHED
  • Support for icons on areas - FINISHED
  • TextLineOffset-ing available for Node, AreaCenter and WayCenter text modes - FINISHED
  • Update OSM Data menu item for updating the contents of OSM file using OSMXAPI - FINISHED
  • Max zoom factor setting to limit the allowed zoom level. This is in order to avoid application freezing up on high zooms - FINISHED
  • Slippymap directly integrated into the main map - FINISHED


  • Support for cached Mgmaps tiles as slippymap - TO BE DONE
  • Generating maps tiles directly from the GUI - TO BE DONE
  • Specifying the user-defined extents of the map. This would make a lot of things easier - TO BE DONE
  • Support for customizing contours generation (elevation steps) - IN PROGRESS
  • Route planner - creating, editing and uploading to GPS unit of routes using OSM data - IN PROGRESS
  • Importing georeferenced bitmaps (using world files) - TO BE DONE
  • A standalone prototype 3D rendering of OSM maps - POSTPONED (need time to properly learn 3D graphics :) ) blog post about experiments
  • Hopefully solving the problems with tile server instability. Also providing code for IIS tile serving, which should be more stable.
  • Integrating WorldFlier into the main Kosmos GUI
  • Exporting and importing georeferenced GeoTIFF bitmaps
  • Support for high-resolution SRTM data (USA)
  • Drawing elevation profiles (for GPX data and other routes)
  • Editing GPX data
  • Editing rendering style for GPX files and contours
  • Rendering rules editor
  • Map legend generator
  • Selecting rendering rules from a list of all available ones in the Wiki (using the Kosmos rules category)
  • More work on relations support - how to distinguish between the relation's tags and member's tags in rules?
  • Abbreviating geo names using lookup tables


Export of .png and georeferenced mapfile (.map) for Oziexplorer or OziCE.

Or even better support of the same files like taho.pl: Oziexplorer#Generate_an_pixel_map_with_calibration_using_tiles.40home_tiles

See the .map file-format

Linux port

I've just executed Kosmos on my Linux box out of interest. WINE suggested installing the windows version of Mono, which I did. And the most interesting part: Kosmos worked :) Here's a screenshot:

Kosmos2 wine linux 01.png

Of course, it works really-really slow, especially while re-rendering the map. But I think that's a good sign that the porting wouldn't be so difficult :) Or at least debugging the windows build, so that it works fast under Wine.

PS - the software versions used:

  • Debian GNU/Linux sid x86_64
  • WINE 1.1.11
  • Mono win32 v2.0.1
  • Kosmos

I've done some work on Linux porting for 1.x versions, but then I gave up mostly because of the speed issue (and because even supporting Windows takes a lot of my time). Implementing Kosmos so that it would work as quickly on Linux as it does on Windows would be a huge task, for which I just don't have the time. A large part of the graphics rendering code would probably have to be ported to some Mono graphics library, which requires a lot of work. Nevertheless hats off to Mono guys for doing a great job - I didn't expect Kosmos 2.x would still run on Linux. --Breki 18:26, 10 January 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, I was also amazed to see it running. Mainly posted the info here so that you're familiar with the current situation on that field. Keep up the good work!
PS - I tried it now under the newest version of wine - 1.1.12 - and it doesn't work again... -- Jekader 23:20, 10 January 2009 (UTC)