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At the moment Mapnik and OSMARenderer use the LOCAL name written in the name-tag for rendering.

The local name is the name of villages, cities, countries, streets as used at the specific location. If you speek english only you maybe have no problem - but most of the people on this planet use an other language as first language.

The following list of errors is not complete at all.

Example without Bug

Vientiane (pronounced /vjɛnˈtjɑːn/, Lao ວຽງຈັນ Viangchan) is the capital city of Laos,

  • name ວຽງຈັນ
  • en:name Vientiane

Mapnik [1], OSMARenderer [2]

Why not to use latin letters only?

Road sign

Many people are not able to read latin letters. Even if you only speak english and the latin letters is the only thing you recognise. What do you do with the street sign in the picture (on the right side of the page)? It contains lao letters only.

If you travel in China you have the problem, that if you point at a location on a map with latin letters only, the people will not understand what you want.

If the LOCAL name in the database has the writing system used at this position in real world, it is possible to make maps with two languages/writing systems. The writing system you are able to read and the writing system the people in the specific country are able to read.

Errors in the Database

  • Most of Asia has wrong local names. The language spoken in Taiwan is chinese. The font is also chinese. The people in Taiwan have problems to read the map. [3]

Rendering errors

No new yet. If you spot some please report them at the Trac Bugtracker for OSM under the slippy-map (Mapnik) or Osmarender component.

Fixed errors

  • Germany is called "Deutschland". The name "Germany" is to use for en:name only.



Many fonts were missing.

Because of this bug more than 3 billion people were excluded form OSM.

Fixed somewhere in late 2008.

OSMA zoomlevel < 12

There is a UTF-8/ISO-8859-X problem in osmxapi.

Because of this bug more than 4 billion people were excluded from OSM.

Fixed somewhere in late 2008.