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Example of a london cycle hire point
(back when they were the blue Barclays Cycle Hire)

The London Cycle Hire Scheme is a go! It started 30th July 2010. It's a point-to-point cycle hire scheme in central London, with hundreds of docking stations which now need to be mapped.


  • amenity=bicycle_rental
  • name=* - official name of station (eg: Longford Street, Park Road (Baker Street), Paddington Street)
  • network=tfl_cycle_hire - we use this tag rather than the flavour-of-the-month sponsor name!
  • ref=* - official reference number of station, if known, which will help to de-duplicate and merge if an official dataset becomes available.
  • start_date=2010-07-30 - for those which were ready at this launch date
  • capacity=* the number of stands at the particular point hire station


You can view the map of cycle racks at and click the icons for additional information. If you want it updated, talk to 'gregory' on IRC or LastGrape/Gregory. I may set it to automatically update once a day.

Potential Datasources

  • There is a list of locations where planning permission was granted, from the people who are writing an application for iphone users - sourced by a FOI request from TfL, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there is actually anything there in reality. We need to go and survey them all, at least until TfL get around to releasing an accurate, updated dataset of locations where they are actually there and working.