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Mom's early evolution was not documented and was very rapid as testers found new ways it could go wrong, so this history begins with version 1.2.1

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version 1.2.5

This version, released 12 August 2008, includes a wide range of improvements...

  • The user interface has been revised to accommodate new features and to avoid problems on the latest Sony Ericsson phones with JP8 which use the CLICK key as a centre soft key.
  • A new 'Zoom in' command and the volume UP key (if available) as well as key 5 (and CLICK on many phones) zoom in.
  • The volume DOWN key (if available) as well as the 'zoom Out' command and key 0 zoom out.
  • When viewing map at the largest scale * key (previously CLICK) will select a place within 50m of the blue cross.
  • Wayplace locations are fixed as soon as the user selects 'Waypoint' or presses * or # (see below). Earlier versions fixed them later when the user may have moved.
  • Wayplaces can be saved from the GPS screen as well as the map screen.
  • 'Instant' audio notes can be recorded when tracking GPS. Press the * key to create wayplace wp### and record an audio note. This key no longer creates Places or simple Wayplaces - use the 'New place' or 'Wayplace' commands.
  • 'Instant' photos can be taken when tracking GPS. Press the # key to create wayplace wp### and take a photo. This key no longer toggles the GPS and map screens - use the 'GPS' and 'Map' options.
  • For phones with game keys, game key A has the same effect as * (instant audio-note wayplace) and game key B has the same effect as # (instant photo wayplace).
  • When creating a new route a message on screen reminds the user to mark waypoints by pressing the * key (previously CLICK).
  • A new 'Path' option in Settings allows the user to set a location for mom's folders if the phone does not use drive E:/ for the memory card.
  • Settings includes 'sleepless' to disable the screensaver and screen dimming if the phone has the Nokia UI API, and 'big tile stores' which triples tiles store sizes (from 6-96 to 18-288).
  • Three levels of GPS accuracy are indicated by red/amber/green dots on the map and a red/amber/green status bar on the GPS screen (replacing the satellite count and activity bar of the previous Bluetooth GPS edition) while speed and the compass band are only shown when moving.
  • GPS speed and course are averaged (over the last 3 readings) for both BT and location API versions and calculated if no data is provided by the GPS.
  • When following a route using scale 12 maps (typically when driving) mom recognises waypoints within 200m. The previous 50m range could easily be missed.

This is the last version of Mom. From 1 January 2009 it will be replaced by G'o and MiniMom, a basic version of Mom for users of older/lower spec phones.

version 1.2.4

This is a minor upgrade and bug fix version.

  • The main change is to map tile storage and loading. Instead of 25 tiles at each zoom level, storage now varies from just 6 at zoom 3 to 96 at zoom 15. The loader and downloader have been improved in an attempt to eliminate the problem of tiles being left in the wrong places.
  • Switching between the map and GPS screens when using GPS no longer returns the blue cross to the GPS position (though zooming still does). Instead, the reunion occurs 10-15 seconds after you stop panning.
  • The LOADING and DOWNLOADING messages have been dropped. Instead the map coordinates appear red when the loader is busy.
  • Mom now remembers the 'diagnostics reports' setting.
  • Voice notes can be saved in .amr format (used by Sony Ericsson phones) if the .wav format is not available.
  • Bugs to do with saving photos and deleting photos and voice notes with places have been fixed.

Enjoy! --Elvin 16:24, 30 May 2008 (UTC)

version 1.2.3

The first release version. Fixed all known bugs and included many of the features requested by testers.

  • Code structure
    • The map tile loader has been completely re-written to avoid confusion if you pan too far or zoom while tiles are downloading. There is still an obscure bug which can cause the wrong tiles to be shown, but zooming out and back in fixes this.
    • There are now separate Record Stores for map tiles at each scale, holding up to 25 tiles each (125 in total compared with 99 previously). Small-scale maps do not change as often but will remain in the phone longer, while large-scale maps get updated more frequently by OSM and will be refreshed more often by mom.
  • User interface
    • Mom now has a 'splash' screen at start-up giving some information and mom requests permission for internet access at start-up to ensure permission is given to allow map tile downloads later and to check the latest version available at the mom website. If a newer version becomes available a reminder appears on the 'splash' screen.
    • The numerical keys now pan the map in larger steps to allow faster navigation, while the navigation keys themselves still move in smaller steps
    • Update and Settings have been moved to a second menu of More... options including About and Help screens
    • CLICK at largest scale no longer takes a photo (see below for more on photos) - instead, if near a place, displays place list with place selected
    • CLICK or 5 or zoom Out or 0 keys return blue cross to GPS position if you have panned away from it when using GPS
  • Places
    • Wayplace replaces Places option when using GPS and adds a new waypoint-type place at the GPS position. Default name is 'wp123' format but this can be changed or added to
    • Icons on map and in place list denote type of place: simple place, wayplace, with associated audio note or photo
    • If phone has capabilities, Audio or Photo options in place list or when naming a new place allow audio notes or photos to be added. These are saved in /mom/media/ folder with same name as place. Once they exist, Audio or Photo will play audio or show photo. NOTE: Audio recording not yet implemented (my phone does not have the capability) but will be added if the Audio option appears on your phones.
    • In theory audio notes and photos should be able to be imported with track logs into JOSM
  • GPS
    • Pause and Restart have been omitted - use Start GPS and Stop GPS instead (stopping GPS no longer stops GPX track log)
    • GPS screen text is red when not using GPS and grey if poor GPS fix
  • UP and DOWN keys in GPS screen adjust track point intervals - fine/normal/coarse. Both time and distance intervals change but time interval does not change until restart
    • BluetoothGPS version no longer requires device search every time - remembers URL and connects instantly

version 1.2.2

28 March 2008

This is probably the final test version. It fixes all known bugs from v.1.2.1 and the Location API version now seems to be working (subject to checking speed and direction data). There seem to be problems using the Bluetooth GPS version (direct BT link to GPS) on Nokia Series 60 phones with the Location API, but this is not a problem - just use the Location API version :-)

Hopefully, after a little more help from those fine people who have been testing it, mom will soon move from testing to release.

version 1.2.1

26 March 2008

Actually two versions:

  • LocationAPI, aimed at location-aware mobile phones, and
  • BluetoothGPS, for direct wireless connection between a phone and GPS receiver

This follows attempts to combine both approaches in a single application which proved to difficult to implement. Separating them keeps each simpler and lighter-weight and givers users the choice. The other main changes are...

  • Track GPS and Stop options replace Connect and Suspend for starting and stopping GPS tracking
  • Several options are now hidden when they do not apply
  • A New Place added while logging GPX tracks is now added to the GPX file as a named waypoint and appears in map editors (at least JOSM and Potlatch)
  • Diagnostic log files are saved in a new /mom/reports/ folder on the memory card and named by date and time (YYMMDDhhmm.txt)
  • The map tile loading system has been improved to reduce unwanted effects if the user pans or zooms while tiles are loading (but still needs more work)
  • The Settings page now includes key help