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Users are invited to contribute to the mom fund of knowledge by posting their own experiences using mom on their phones.

The page is organised by manufacturer, operating system and phone model. Please add your contributions in the appropriate section and start a new section if your phone is not listed. Tell other users about problems you have encountered, solutions you have (hopefully) found, and tips for running mom on your phone.

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Series 60 Symbian phones

Symbian phones seem to vary a lot and can be very fussy about unsigned applications and Java certificates. Usually, searching through the settings menus will eventually allow unsigned applications such as mom to be installed and run. There seem to be lots of different menu structures so users should add their own tips in their phone's section.

Users often ask why mom is not a signed application but, so far, no-one has suggested where I can get it signed for free or at least at an affordable cost. Certificates seems to be prohibitively expensive, have limited life spans and must be renewed with every new version, making them totally impractical for free (or even low-cost, limited distribution) software and are the worst thing about Mobile Java.

Sony Ericsson

I like SE phones, their consistent user interfaces, fast Java and developer support, so I will start this page with notes about my own phones. --Elvin 16:17, 20 August 2008 (UTC)


Now beginning to be superceded by JP8, Java Platform 7 was used on most SE phones over recent years. Generally, JP7 phones have the File Connection (JSR-75) and Bluetooth (JSR-82) APIs but not the Location API.


My last-but-one phone is widely used but looks a bit dated now. Mine worked well and fast with my Bluetooth GPS until the joystick became unreliable. --Elvin 16:17, 20 August 2008 (UTC)


My last phone - very slim and light with a lovely crisp screen. The only snags are tiny keys and not having JP8. --Elvin 16:17, 20 August 2008 (UTC)


SE's new JPs phones generally have the Location API (JSR-179) allowing the LocationAPI edition of mom to be used, as well as the Scalable 2D Graphics API (JSR-226) which gives the potential for good-looking vector maps in the future. They also have a completely new user interface prompting many of the changes in the latest version of mom - v.1.2.5.


My latest phone comes with built-in GPS. This is very convenient compared with handling separate phone and Bluetooth GPS devices, but a little disappointing in performance. It is slow to get a first fix (though my provider, O2, does not offer AGPS), noticably less accurate than my cheap, generic Bluetooth GPS, and does not provide speed or course! I wonder if my phone might have a faulty GPS chip? What do other W760 users find? GPS use also hammers the battery, draining it in 3-4 hours! In every other respect, though, this phone is an excellent platform for mom. --Elvin 16:17, 20 August 2008 (UTC)