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NavGear is a brand and product line for navigational devices owned by Pearl.

NavGear PX-1133

NavGear 4in1-GPS-Logger "StarHiker65" with Positionfinder & Navigation

NavGear PX-1192

NavGear 5in1 GPS-Sport-Computer "GO-100.Mini" with Positionfinder

NavGear PX-1245

NavGear 10in1-GPS-Navi-Sport-Computer "" wich Bycicle-Mount

NavGear PX-3015

NavGear Bluetooth-GPS-Receiver & Data-Logger (Geotagging) [1]

  • Easy to use : plug on 'Log' to start logging, 'Nav' to enable Bluetooth communication, 'Off' to stop.
  • Saving capcity in raw NMEA, CSV, or KML but no GPX

Some PX-3015 have an internal sticker with "Model: DL-3200BT Ro"

NavGear PX3015
NavGear PX3015
Description logger
GNSS 32 channels
chipset: MTK
augmentation: WAAS; EGNOS; MSAS; RTCM
Memory Internal: 16MB (170.000 max logging).
Connectivity usb; bluetooth
Emblem-question.svg addresses Emblem-question.svg points of interest
Emblem-question.svg mass storage mode Emblem-question.svg Waterproof
  • Windows only Software