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Navikey OSM Splitter — this program allows you to cut the map into separate fragments by specified boundaries or the number of nodes.


  • cutting map's by POLY file;
  • cutting map's by number of nodes on the map;
  • "good external nodes" road junctions in areas of cutting;
  • maintain relations and structures of OSM;
  • the result's may be stored in the OSM or OSM.PBF;
  • osm.pbf file source required;
  • may create "map of slicing" in formats *. Mp, or kml;
  • runs under win32/64, or linux-based (binary is included in archive).

Link to archive with pdf instructions [1]

Common overview

This tool is based on ideas of the eponymous utility Splitter ( tile-splitter, but uses its own algorithms completely and extended function. With this utility may cut into pieces OSM map based on the specified parameters. As input data required file format osm.pbf. As result you get a set of files in osm or osm.pbf. Poly file's getting from the utility can be used for cutting with few restrictions. (See especially the use) Also at the request of the resulting files will be saved in formats borders kml,. Mp or areas.list.