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  • does NOT work with postgres 8.3; might work with postgres 8.4; definitely works with 9.0
  • needs postgis 1.5
  • installation mainly done by setup.php
  • need prerequisites as per [Nominatim/Installation]
  • put database connection string in settings/settings.php (needs to be superuser)
  • put postgres paths there too
  • osm2pgsql automatically called by setup.php
  • setup.php will execute unix commands createdb, createlang etc. without any username/hostname options so don't get too creative with your DSN. (best run setup.php as unix user postgres.)
  • you probably want to build files in the 'nominatim' and 'module' folders
  • be sure to create user www-data before you run setup.php (setup.php doesn't check if user exists but relies on user existing)