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NVS public transport import

CSV file

Langname;X-Koordinate;Y-Koordinate;behindertengerecht;Langname Tarifgebiet
  • ignore the header line
  • column seperator ';'
  • lat is 2. col, lon is 3.col
  • position is pure digits
  • position convert to integer
  • position is in minutes so div 60
  • name is 1.col
  • name splitted after space in NAME and DESCRIPTION field
  • remove brackets in DESCRIPTION field
  • wheelchair is 4. column
  • if wheelchair is 'X' then WHEELCHAIR=YES
  • skip lines without positions
  • skip lines containing 'tram' in DESCRIPTION
  • Group all entrys with the same zone attribute and create a relation for that

Wikipedia monument/artwork import

CSV file

  • ignore the header line
  • column seperator ';'
  • lat is 8.col
  • lon is 9.col
  • position is a mixed string
  • position delete all '.'
  • position insert '.'
  • position convert to double
  • NAME is 1.col
  • PICTURE is 2.col
  • skip 3.col
  • AMENITY is 4.col
  • ARTIST_NAME is 5.col
  • START_DATE is 6.col
  • DESCRIPTION is 7.col

school import

"titel"	"art"	"info"	"telefon"	"www"	"plz"	"x"	"y"	"adresse"
  • ignore header line
  • column seperator TAB
  • ignore string marks '"'
  • NAME is 1.col
  • NAME delete all after '('
  • skip 3.col
  • skip 4.col
  • WEBSITE is 5.col
  • ADDR:STREET is 9.col
  • ADDR:STREET split at last space is ADDR:HOUSENUMBER
  • ADDR:STREET expand 'tr.' to 'trasse' for Switzerland, to 'traße' for Germany and Austria
  • Group by 2.col and switch dependend on for SCHOOL_TYPE=primary,secondary,...