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License: Proprietary
Platform: Windows 8
Languages: English and German
Website: http://www.osm-iq.de

Download, explore, export

OSM IQ is a desktop application for Windows, that is designed to explore the content of OSM Data (for a specific area).

The OSM Data can be downloaded within the app or you can use a .osm file. The content will be stored in a SQLite database. Depending on the tags (only key or key + value) geometries can be displayed on the map. It is also possible to export the geometries to KML, ESRI Shape, GeoJSON or DXF.

In addition there are some statistical information on the keys / values used in the project area.

The application requires .NET 4.5

Download and more information are available on http://www.osm-iq.de/OSM-IQ-EN

OSM IQ 4 Phone is the companion application for Windows Phone.