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Philippines node density increase from 2013-09-30 to 2013-11-30.png

The growth of OpenSreetMap Philippines data and volunteers grew tremendously this year. Let's end the year on a positive note by sharing stories, experiences and mapping techniques.

It's all over! This mini-SOTM-PH took place on December 14 to 15, 2013 in Quezon City. Thanks for coming!

But the mapping goes on...
Check out WikiProject Philippines for more information


This is an open event, if you have projects or interests related to OSM and open data, you will find people to discuss the details with you.

When and Where

Date and Time: December 14 to 15, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday) 9:00 and beyond

Venue: Environmental Science for Social Change, Manila Observatory, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (map)


Time Speaker/Lead Activity/Topic Description
Day 1 - December 14

Presentations and Demo

800 - 900 Registration
900 - 930 Opening Program
930 - 1000 Kate Chapman Humanitarian OSM Team - Keynote slides, video
1000 - 1030 Ninoy Castro - DSWD Using ICT for Disaster Response - Keynote DSWD ITC for DRR, DWSD SoTM, DSWD WebGIS
1030 - 1100 Yantisa Akhadi - OSM-ID State of OSM Indonesia slides
1100 - 1130 Miguel Macariola - DepEd DepEd's Schools Mapping initiative and prospect for OSM collaboration slides
1300 - 1330 Dewi Sulistioningrum - OSM-ID Using OSM, QGIS, and InaSAFE for Contingency Plan in Indonesia slides
1330 - 1400 Dianne Bencito - ESSC InaSAFE Development in the Philippines slides
1400 - 1430 Feye Andal - ESSC Update on the Participatory mapping and LGU decision support tools for Disaster Risk Reduction in Pampanga slides
1430 - 1500 Rally de Leon Using off-the-shelf, free offline utilities and templates to extract and render OSM maps slides
1530 - 1600 Vasanthi Hargyono - OSM-ID Mapping Flood POI Using OSM and Photovoice slides
Lightning Talks
Q/A tools for better OSM editing - Ian Lopez/Eugene Villar slides

My GPS Story - Maning Sambale, slides

Dinner and GeoBeers at Bonfire Grill
Day 2 - December 15

Hacking and Workshops

920 - 940 Taichi Furuhashi - Keynote Code for Japan and Code for Asia - Keynote (via G+ Hangout), slides
940 - 1000 Eugene Alvin Villar - Keynote State of OSM Philippines
1000 -1200 HOT Crisismapping for Yolanda (workshop) Discussions on the next steps and future activities related to the Yolanda crisis mapping response
1000 - 1200 UAVs - Options and challenges for mapping (workshop/demo)


Sign-up is not binding, but helps to plan the event. Our space is also limited (30 people). If you're planning to work or share on something specific, it may be a good idea to add that in the list above.

  • Maning Sambale
  • RK Aranas
  • Eugene Villar
  • Feye Andal
  • Dianne Bencito
  • Ninoy Castro
  • Marx Tupas
  • Willy Rada
  • Yantisa Akhadi
  • Vasanthi Hargyono
  • Dewi Sulistioningrum
  • Leigh Lunas
  • John Ray Bergado
  • HM Labao
  • Jules Bañgate


Google+ Hangout Event page:

Facebook event page:

Flickr photoset:

Blogs and news


  • Environmental Science for Social Change
  • WorldBank
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Interested in helping out with the planning, organizing and logistics? Join the discussions in the mailing list.