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This page contains a summary of the Philippine-specific mapping conventions. As much as possible, mapping and tagging should follow the conventions set by the OpenStreetMap community as a whole, such as indicated in pages like Map Features, Feature Index, and Editing Standards and Conventions. Where these conventions need clarifications in the Philippine context, this page documents such conventions as agreed upon by the WikiProject Philippines community.


Main article: Philippines/Mapping conventions/Roads
motorway trunk primary secondary tertiary
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png
Rendering-highway trunk L3005 MF.png
Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png
Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png
Controlled-Access Highways & Limited-Access Highways:
  • Expressways
  • Connector Roads


-NAIA Expressway
-NLEX-SLEX Connector Road
Primary Transport Backbones:
  • North-South Backbone (N-S)
Serves as main trunk line from northern Luzon down to Southern Mindanao interconnecting regional growth centers and other major islands.
  • East-West Lateral (E-W)
Crosses the N-S backbone and draws inter-regional connections and across the islands (about 100km apart).
  • Other Roads of Strategic Importance (ORSI)
Roads providing direct access to important centers and other areas vital for regional development and emergencies, (eg. Major Cities & Regional Hubs, Major Ports, Provincial Capital)


-Asian Highway Network AH26
-Maharlika Highway N1
-C5 Road N11
-JASA (GSO Road) N3
-Manila East Road N601
-Route 9 (Butuan-Pagadian) N9
Major Road that complements nearby trunk road to provide access to all town centers:
  • Typically referring to the town's or city's Camino Real or main road
  • Usually passes near or through the town proper or poblacion
Minor Arterial Roads:
  • An alternate road that complements the function of the town's primary road; which can be as wide or as busy as the primary road it supports
  • Long series of non-primary-class road/s connecting 3 or more barangays.
  • A promoted tertiary-class road, that feeds substantial traffic to/from other tertiary road branches.
Collector Roads:
  • Barangay's main access road
  • Inter-Neighborhood Roads:
-Essential (or series of) minor roads that connect 2 or more neighborhoods
-Inter-Purok/Inter-Subdivision Roads (including permissive-private roads)
-must at least be >4meters in width (for rural or remote inter-purok roads)
  • The Main Avenue, Entry-Exit road and/or Evacuation Route of a very large Gated-Community or Sitio

unclassified residential living_street service track
Rendering-highway unclassified.png
Rendering-highway residential.png
Living street osm.png
Rendering-highway service.png
Rendering-highway track.png
Any Mix-Use Non-Tertiary Non-Residential Road


-Commercial-Residential Road
-Industrial Roads
-Roads in Central Business Districts
Any Paved, Unpaved or Matured-Dirt Road in a Residential Area
passable using AUV or jeepney-size vehicle

Redefined Living_Street: where jaywalking is the rule rather than the exception.

- People-filled road NOT officially closed to traffic (but allows residents & delivery services to pass);
- Where LGU permanently tolerates/permits street-commerce, social or tourism activities;
- Where people are allowed to hang-out, party, walk or do business in the middle of the road;
- Where motorists should drive through the crowd, cautiously at crawling speed.


-Ilaya St.(Divisoria)
-Notorious streets with frequent/disruptive unannounced total-closure for community activities or flea market.

When NOT to tag as living_street, especially by remote mappers

- Where after-school hours, children are tolerated to play in the middle of the street for lack of playground
- Numerous PH Narrow Roads (eg.3-4 meters wide) where people are forced to jaywalk for lack of sidewalk
Special access roads with specific function:
  • Utility service alleys
  • Cemetery roads
  • Parking-aisles
  • Alleyways
  • Driveways
  • Narrow single-track Farm-Access Roads & Irrigation Roads, with no Passing Place (or space for another vehicle to give way or overtake)
4x4 Mountain/Farmland Trail Roads
- Rough, muddy or slippery road, and NOT-PASSABLE to AUV
Temporary-Access Non-Matured Dirt Roads crossing raw lands and remote non-populated area
- Viewed on satellite images as seldom-used dirt road (multiple-paths or not so well-defined road edges);
- May cross rivers (ford), or sand or rough terrain (temporary or ever-changing paths)

What should NOT be tagged highway=track?

  • Critical Road Link of Rural & Remote Barangays, PASSABLE to any non-4x4 Jeepney
  • Matured Dirt Road, not yet paved, but is passable to AUV and alikes.
  • Deteriorated/Damaged road, not yet fixed, yet remain passable to AUV and alikes.
  • Re-purposed or Mix-Use Farm-Access Dirt Road
- Those serving as the lifeline or critical-link to an isolated Sitio.


Using barriers to identify appropriate restrictive access for roads

Note: Do not tag access=private to private roads inside gated communities or subdivisions as this destroys routability. Instead create a barrier along the way which has its appropriate access tag. barrier=lift_gate if the impediment is a Lift Gate
barrier=gate if the impediment is a Gate.

Value Description
private Private individual property access
no Access is not allowed.
permissive Open if only permitted (usually on gated communities known to allow traffic unconditionally).
destination Open if permitted with restrictions (usually on gated communities known to allow traffic with time limit and sticker is a requirement).

Limited Time Access to gates

See Key:access Access time and other conditional restrictions

Naming an Object

Essential Name Tags:

Common Name (tag: name=*)

  • is the default text rendered on most maps.
General Guide for Common Names:
  • should contain only the commonly-used, officially-acceptable short-spelling of an object.
  • refrain from using the full official name spelling of the object, if an official/widely-used common name exist.
  • should NOT include the object's group classification (eg. for place_names), with some exceptions.
  • should NOT include descriptions (eg. rice field, fish pond, branch names, etc.)
  • should NOT contain text comments about the object.
  • should not be equal to its acronym (if applicable), unless said acronym's use has matured and adopted for use on all signboards
  • need not be equal to official long name (unless official_name = the commonly used name)
  • is not equal to the object's colloquial/informal name (eg. Mcdo). For informal name, use alt_name=*
  • spelling should be consistent with official records:
-Where applicable, use <enye> ñ instead of 'n' where applicable, eg. Santo Niño, Parañaque, etc.
Quick Tip:
Use Alt-<164> on numeric keypad to type ñ, else just google "enye" then cut & paste
-Abbreviated Prefixes/Title of Persons:
eg. Sto. vs. Santo; Sta. vs. Santa;
Quick Tip:
Don't trust the signboards' spelling!
In case of doubt (conflicting signboards), find the old the official records (or the new officially adapted spelling)
or, follow what the heritage advocates or conservative residents say.
Why use (shortened) Common Names on maps?:
  • Fact: map texts are always drawn over the equally essential lines & shapes.
-Using officially-acceptable shorter-texts means - more visible lines & shapes; more names can be rendered.
-Redundant descriptive prefixes/suffixes, unnecessarily increase "map clutters" and non-essential information
-Redundant descriptive prefixes alters the sorting order complicated
  • Practical limitations of the current technology, and the lack of an (all-inclusive) universal rules for prefix/suffix abbreviations:
-Names are rendered live 'as-is' by default. Doing live
-For most simple universal offline-maps, no post-processing of name data is done for lack an established all-inclusive rules for abbreviating prefixes/suffixes. Every region, every country has their own rules.
-Without post-processing, adding unofficial prefixes complicates sorting order (eg. list of places, map index)

Official Name (tag: official_name=*)

  • the official long-spelling version of the name
  • typically legislated names (in cases of place_names or road_names)
  • referring to the original name, if a shop or amenity decided to re-brand itself using its Acronym
eg. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Banco de Oro, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Bank of Philippine Islands, etc.

Acronym (tag: short_name=*})

  • is the official acronym
  • if acronym is used as its 'brand name' (as seen on signboards & marketing ads), then name=short_name
eg. KFC, BDO, HSBC, BPI, etc.

Alternate Name, Colloquial/Informal Names (tag: alt_name=*)

Old Name (tag: old_name=*)

Good Practices
Place Names
General Rule When & Why Exception Example
-Remove suffix: *** City
-Remove prefix: City of ***
-Do not use city_names with descriptive words
City can be differentiated from a Town in the place tag:
City with a similarly-named Province

"Baguio City" > "Baguio
"City of Manila" > "Manila"
"Science City of Muñoz" > "Muñoz" (see wiki entry)
"Island Garden City of Samal" > "Samal" (see wiki entry)

Add suffix City for cities where a similarly-named province exist
*In a written postal addresses (no indicated zip code), the City's name may still be considered a valid entry (without mentioning province); BUT this can be confused with a similarly-named province.
*For this case, manually adding the suffix City becomes practical and necessary, since it improves human recognition (place association) in both the maps and mails

Quezon City vs Quezon Province
Cebu City vs Cebu Province
Isabela City vs Isabela Province
Tarlac City vs Tarlac Province

Remove prefix Barangay if name has Alphanumeric characters Barangay San Isidro > "San Isidro"
Remove prefix Barangay if name is Numeric,
For small city-barangays where land-area, clustered per Zone or per District
The redundant descriptive-text on map is discouraged.

Text clutter-issue unique to PH villages can only be addressed by the manually (on case to case basis)
Barangay 26" > "26" (see Caloocan City's barangays on map)
Remove prefix Sitio
(where after investigation, there are observed pattern of unofficial use by residents)
Observed in PH:
-unofficially added prefix Sitio to indicate it's a neighborhood.
-Added Sitio to make the place_name sound better (or sosyal), unofficially renaming their place (inconsistent with govt registry)
-Added prefix Sitio to give impression that the place is a long-established neighborhood or appear older than they actually are, (common in newly formed neighborhood associations and informal-settlers)
-Affects sorting order in the index
Where said Sitio has matured (and become integral part of a place_name after decades of use), and in fact entered into the official place_name registry, then leave the prefix Sitio as it is

Sitio Lagundi" > "Lagundi"

Drop suffix 'Subdivision'
(if the shortened version can stand on its on, and in fact generally used as seen on signboards)
*All neighborhoods (sitio, compounds, gated-communities, etc) in existence were actually the result of land consolidations & subdivisions, thus the descriptive name: subdivision.
*The redundant, generic and meaningless suffix Subdivision was used as a marketing word back when the days it sounded "sosyal" to live in a gated-community project, until said suffix was replaced by more upscale-sounding words;

*Being an unnecessary descriptive word, many already dropped the word "subdivision" from their signboards
Cases where the place_name is too short to stand on it's own (to be recognized as a gated community) Eg. Noel's Subdivision, etc.
Roads Names:
  • Issue in the Philippines/Consideration for the developing world
-Some road names have excessive number of character length (cannot fit on street sign to remain readable from a distance)
-There are standards laid for street name signs, fonts, and permitted abbreviations (published by the Department of Public Works and Highways, in the Road Safety Manuals: Part 2 - Road Signs and Pavement Markings), but most local government units still do not adapt the standard, and variations on street signs still exist. DPWH District Engineering Offices (DEOs), though they adopted the standard for road signs, may have varying designs and specifications for road name signs by jurisdiction.
-No offered solution (at the moment) to post-process OSM street names to minimize information clutter for live_rendering and simple map apps
-Applying OSM's no-abbreviation rule will further complicate the maximum_length issue of street names
  • By tolerance, Philippines mappers choose non-standard solutions to map clutter:
(1) use street suffixes (as seen exactly on street sign)
(2) abbreviate the prefix/suffixes (as seen on street signs)
(3) follow the OSM no-abbreviation rule on suffixes
Shops & Amenities:
-use plain brand_names. do not add branch_name:
Eg. Jollibee, 7-Eleven, Metrobank, BDO, Mercury Drug, Petron, Caltex
Exception for large-land-footprint Malls & Supermarkets (where branch is integral part of name as printed on signboard)
Eg. SM City Baguio, SM City Manila, Puregold Cainta-Junction, etc.

Bridges and Tunnels

Bridges and Tunnel names must be placed in a tag bridge:name=* and tunnel:name=* respectively. While the name=* tag must take the name of the road.
Exemption: If the bridge or tunnel is a historical landmark then their names can be placed directly on the name tag (e.g. Imus Bridge - site of the Battle of Imus in 1896)

Kilometer Markers/Pylons

highway=milestone, name=* name must be KMXXX where XXX is the kilometer value of the pylon. distance=* is the number of kilometers distance from KM 0 at Luneta Park (previously pk=*)

Street-arches (often indicating "welcome", "good-bye", or "thank you" signs) are ways with the tags: man_made=gantry + level=1. Add name=* as appropriate.

See also

Land use

Description Tags used Example
Residential - An urban area within a city or municipality principally for dwelling/housing purposes. Residential zones can be subdivided into areas of Low, Medium or High Density. Socialized Housing - An area used mainly for dwelling/ housing purposes for the underprivileged. landuse=residential
Commercial - An urban area within a city or municipality for trading/services/ business purposes. Commercial zones can be subdivided into areas of Low, Medium and High Density. For areas that are mostly offices - landuse=commercial. For are that are mostly retail shops - landuse=retail
Industrial - An urban area within a city or municipality for industrial purposes. Industrial zones can be subdivided into areas of Light, Medium and Heavy. landuse=industrial
Institutional - An urban area within a city or municipality principally for institutional establishments. Institutional zones can be subdivided in to General and Special. landuse=institutional
Agricultural - An area within a city or municipality intended for cultivation/fishing and pastoral activities. For rice fields - landuse=farmland crop=rice, and extended tags: natural=wetland and wetland=flooded_crops For fishponds and alikes - landuse=aquaculture+natural=water+water=pond+aquaculture=fish. For poultry - landuse=farmland livestock=poultry+poultry=chicken
Agro-Industrial - An area within a city or municipality intended primarily for integrated farm operations and related product processing activities. landuse=industrial
Forest - An area within a city or municipality primarily intended for forest purposes. landcover=trees This may, or may not be a forest, which could be an important distinction. If you know they are, use landuse=forest
Park and other Recreation An area designed for diversion/amusements and for maintenance of ecological balance of the community. landuse=recreation_ground
Water - Bodies of water within cities and municipalities which include rivers, streams, lakes and seas. No applicable landuse tags. Tag as appropriate: They may be waterway=river, waterway=stream, natural=water+water=pond
Tourism - Sites within cities and municipalities endowed with natural or manmade physical attributes and resources that are conducive to recreation, leisure and other wholesome activities. No applicable landuse tags. Tag as appropriate: tourism=attraction
Mining landuse=mining or landuse=quarry resource=aggregate

From the government official landuse zoning

Administrative boundaries

Country 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Philippines N/A National Border Regions Provinces Sangguniang Panlalawigan districts (if any) Cities and Municipalities/Towns Sangguniang Panlungsod/Bayan districts (if any) Other administrative districts (if any) Zones (if any) Barangays Sitios/Puroks (if any, but only if boundaries are defined)
  • Use relations for tagging administrative boundaries, discussions here and here

Relation tags:

Barangay names

tag them as:

Do not add the word Barangay in the name tag, i. e.: name=Matandang Balara, not name=Barangay Matandang Balara

Sitio/Subdivision/Gated Communities/Purok names

tag them as:

place:PH=subdivision or place:PH=village for gated communities

  • name=name of sitio/purok/subdivision

Do not add Sitio on the name, i.e.: name=Duluhan, not name=Sitio Duluhan, except when "Sitio" is very vital to the name and commonly used.

Puroks are usually numbered, and the "Purok" prefix is mainly vital to the name and prevents confusion with numbered barangay, so, it should be included.

Town Hall Naming

Political division Tags used Example
Cities amenity=townhall; name=<name of city> City Hall; townhall:type=city Baguio City Hall
Municipalities/Towns amenity=townhall; name=<name of municipality> Municipal Hall; townhall:type=town Silang Municipal Hall, Cavite
Barangays amenity=townhall; name=<name of barangay> Barangay Hall; townhall:type=village; West Triangle Barangay Hall, Quezon City
Barangays whose names are numbers amenity=townhall; name=Barangay <number of barangay> Hall; townhall:type=village Barangay 8 Hall, Pasay City

Notes and links: Tag:amenity=townhall
Remark: A amenity=townhall POI will not appear on the standard osm map. A polygon will appear.


For recommended tagging for schools, especially public schools, see Philippines/Mapping conventions/Education.

Philippines-specific tags for amenities, shops and other POI's

This portion documents map features that mostly apply to the Philippines. As general rule, we always adapt what is contained in the Map Features. In cases where we cannot find a similar match, we used this as a guide.

Instead of strictly categorizing tags with similar keys eg. amenity, shop, tourism..., we are experimenting on a fuzzy definition of grouping "closely-related tags" either by industry, by interest, or relevance to particular groups of mappers etc., in order to develop a more intuitive OSM PH-tagging guide. This experimental grouping hopes to aid new mappers to identify small/minor differences (in element/s) among and between two or more closely-related, similarly-named or ambiguous, rarely-used, fairly-new, or uniquely-PH-only tags.

Some key-values are also given familiar brand-name examples found in PH. This is NOT to promote or advertise any establishments mentioned, but to train the brain for quick association and visualization of the tags' typical and real-world counterparts in the Philippines. This may also help in discussions where there are conflicts of interpretations, or personal biases over which tag/s should represent what.

New mappers can have an option to study a few but relevant closely-related tags, based on their particular interests, lessening the danger of using unrelated or erroneous tags, shortening the learning curve.

Commuter Transportation / Auto Shops & Services

Description Tag(s) Notes
Tricycle terminal amenity=tricycle_station Proposed, 2016-03: amenity=taxi motorcar=no Use motorcycle=no tricycle, motorcycle=yes for "habal-habal" terminals.
UV Express Service terminal (FX Terminal) amenity=fx_station (suggestion for retention because most transport terminals in PH have separate stations for UV, Buses and Jeepneys. Coop restrictions)
Jeepney terminal amenity=jeepney_station Jeepney route starting-point or destination (suggestion for retention because most transport terminals in PH have separate stations for UV, Buses and Jeepneys. Coop restrictions)

Does not refer to Jeepneys' Overnight Parking Garages (non-terminals)
Bus terminal (PUB)
Jeepney terminal (PUJ)
UV Express Terminal
(Unified terminal)
amenity=bus_station City and Provincial Buses' route starting-point or destination

Must be used if the terminal caters buses, jeepneys, and UV Express

Does not refer to Buses' and Jeepneys' Overnight Parking Garages (non-terminals)
Bus Stop (PUB) Stop
Jeepney (PUJ) Stop
Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) "Loading & Unloading" area
amenity=bus_stop with or without waiting shed
Pedicab/Tri-sikad/Padyak amenity=taxi
Cycle rickshaws, a form of bicycle taxi.
Habal-Habal/Skylab amenity=taxi
Motorcycle taxi.
Gas/Fuel Station
(sells unleaded, diesel, kerosene)

name=* (brand_name)
branch=* (branch_name)
operator=* (registered_business_name)

name=* should not include branch_name eg. Petron, Caltex, Shell, Total, Seaoil, etc.
branch=* refers to unique branch_location_name written on gas receipt (not the address).
brand=* is optional on cases where other names are used for the name=*. Although not recommended (redundant info), since name=* is already equal to brand_name as seen on their business signboards in PH.

For Gas Stations that sell Cooking Gas (LPG), use a separate node shop=gas
Auto LPG amenity=fuel
By default, PH gas stations will be treated as non-auto-LPG retailer, except when tagged with fuel:lpg=yes
Gasoline Outlet (Informal Fuel Retailer) amenity=fuel Typically sells fuel in 1-liter recycled softdrink/liquor bottles.
Common along roadside in remote areas.
Motorcycle Shop
Tricycle Shop
shop=motorcycle Sells Motorcycle/Tricycle Unit, Accessories,
Parts or Services
Car Dealer / Showroom
(All brands, including High-End/Exotic Cars)
shop=car Have Parts & Services
(Car Showroom sells cars but no parts & services)
Car Exchange
(Used/Reconditioned Cars/Trucks)
Sells or Trade-in Cars
Auto Supply (Car Parts) shop=car_parts
Japan-Surplus Direct Importer
(Surplus Car/Truck Parts)
PH: This is a commonly seen description-signboard
of japanese-parts surplus shops. Why they always
need to mention "Direct Importer" is unknown.
Car Accessories shop=car_parts
eg. Tint, Mats, Car Audio, Lights, Stickers, etc.
Auto Mechanic / Motorworks
Engine Tune-up / Overhaul
Diesel Calibration
Auto Electrical
Car Aircon
Radiator Shop
Muffler/Header Repair
Car Battery Shop shop=car_parts
Exclusively sells car/truck/industrial Batteries;
equipped with basic Battery/Alternator Tester;
Accepts trade-in old batteries (recyclers).
Many Tire Shops & Auto Supplies also sell car batteries
Tire Shop
Vulcanizing Shop
Retreading / Recapping Services
if vulcanizing service is available, add tag repair=yes
Tire Dealer: SELLS tires, rims and tiremags.
With any of following related services: Tire Balancing,
Vulcanizing, Wheel Alignment, Tire Retreading.

Sample Exception:
'Goodyear Servitek' is known for tires, but is actually a
total car-maintenance shop, doing tune-ups, change-oil,
engine repairs, etc.) tag as
Tow Truck / Wrecker Service
Impounding Area (Vehicles)
Emission Testing Center amenity=vehicle_inspection A facility where vehicle is inspected to ensure that it conforms to regulations governing safety, emissions, or both. (E.g. "Emissions testing centers")

Tradesmen, Hardware, Builders & Industrial Shops

Description Tag(s) Notes
Builder's Depot
shop=trade One-Stop-Shop for Hardwares, Lightings, Electricals, Plumbing, Bathroom Fixtures, Tiles, Building Materials, etc., but normally does not sell Cement, Gravel & Sand.

eg. Wilcon, MC Home Depot
Construction Supply (sells any of ff. building materials:)
  • Cement
  • Aggregates / Gravel & Sand
  • Filling Materials (Panambak)
  • Lumber
  • Iron Bars / Deformed Bars / G.I. Sheets
shop=trade Tag as shop=trade if selling more building materials (than tools & equipments); else tag as hardware shop=hardware

Clue: offering "Cement, Gravel & Sand" differentiates it from a typical hardware store.
  • Handyman's/Tradesman's Tools, Gears & Equipments
  • Screws, Nails, Glues, Plumbing Kits, etc.
  • Lightings & Electrical Supply
  • None-Automotive Gears, Belts, Pulleys, Lubricants
  • Power Tools, Pumps, Portable Generators, etc.
shop=hardware or shop=doityourself Primarily sells tools and/or materials that any Handyman uses; or selling parts and mechanisms of a none-automotive machine; else if not, it's probably an Auto Supply, see shop=car_parts

If it sells substantial quantity of Building Materials, it's already a Construction Supply, tag as shop=trade
Bolts & Nuts / Screw Master shop=hardware Sells special screws, bolts & nuts, rivets & fasteners (for car, machines, furniture, constructions, etc.)
Machine Shop
Engine Rebuilder
industrial=machine_shop Precision Engineering Metal Works & Welding; Engine Rebuilding, etc.

For "Common Welding", tag as craft=metal_construction)
Steel/Metal Fabrication
(Modern Blacksmith)
or craft=tinsmith
Mass production of equipments/parts such as metal racks, water tanks, animal cages, conveyors, mixers, furniture parts, etc. which normally requires lesser-precision compared to Machinist's work.

For Fabricators of Motorcycle Mufflers & Sidecars, use shop=motorcycle
Iron Works / Welding Shop
(Common Welder)
craft=metal_construction Customized handrails, gates, windows frames, ramps, spiral stairs and similar things made from iron, which "form parts of a house or building."
Roof / Ceiling & Insulation Contractors/Suppliers craft=roofer or craft=insulation one-stop-shop roofing-material contractors
Sash Factory (Wooden Door/Window Frames)
Wood Parquet
shop=trade; also see craft=parquet_layer Sash Factory makes custom wooden door jambs/frames.
Glass & Aluminum Supply
craft=window_construction Refers to a Fabricator Shop specializing in Glass/Aluminum Windows and Doors; Aluminum Grills and Screen Doors. Sells customized glass & mirrors. Typically sells aluminum tubes.
Industrial Gas Supplier
(Acetylene, Industrial/Medical Oxygen, Special Gases)
shop=gas Sells/refills acetylene, oxygen, helium, carbon dioxide, industrial LPG tank, etc.
Tile shop shop=trade Sells tiles and tile grout. Examples include Eurotiles, Mariwasa, The Tile Depot, etc.

Money, Finance, and Business Services

Description Tag(s) Notes
Bank amenity=bank + atm=yes May have ATMs, currency exchange service, and other financial services including payments, money transfers, etc.
Off-site ATM amenity=atm Off-site ATMs. For cash deposit machines add cash_in=yes.
Lending shop=money_lender eg. Micro-finance, Credit Cooperatives, lending companies.
Pawnshop shop=pawnbroker Many pawnshops include auxilliary services:
Currency exchange / money changer, money transfer / remittance
Money Changer / Forex amenity=bureau_de_change Establishments offering currency exchange as the primary form of business. See: amenity=payment_centre or shop=pawnbroker
Money Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Remittance Centers
    eg. LBC Remit, Pera Padala, G-Cash Outlet, etc.
amenity=money_transfer Many pawnshops are also "agents" of Western Union,
or have their own Remittance/Money Transfer business.
PH Pawnshops are synonymous to Remittance Centers.

Some Couriers (eg. LBC) and Convenience Stores
(eg. 7-Eleven for G-Cash) also act as remittance agents.
Business Services Center
  • Bayad Center (bills payment center)
  • SM Business Services Center (One-Stop-Shop)
amenity=payment_centre Meralco's Bayad Center or SM Business Services are examples of all-in-one, non-bank payment centers for
foreign exchange, remittance, e-Government services, and payment of many other public and private services.
Courier, and Postal Services amenity=post_office
Examples of brands: LBC, Air21, Johnny Air Cargo
Establishments operated by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PhlPost) are also tagged with operator:type=public .
Logistics Service office=logistics An office for a forwarder or haulers.

Convenience Stores, Food Marts & Supplies

Description Tag(s) Notes
Food takeouts (Andok's, Lydia's) amenity=fast_food + takeaway=only Food business which only provide take-out food orders, and no dine-in facilities.
Kakanin Shops (Sweets Pasalubong)
(native sweets/delicacy/pastries)
shop=confectionery eg. Good Shepherd, Rowena's, Colette's Buko Pie,
bibingka, suman, etc.
Fruit Stand shop=greengrocer fresh fruits & vegetables found along road-sides
Specialty Food Products
Cottage-Industry Food Products
(None-Fruits Pasalubong)
or shop=cottage_food if approved
Road-side stores selling local town's food products:
processed foods such as bagoong, fish sauce, dried fish;
tahong, live crabs, rock salt, local vinegar, etc.
Talipapa (neighborhood wet market) amenity=marketplace selling fresh meat or fish, along with vegetables and/or fruits,
else if fruits & vegetables only, tag as shop=greengrocer
Convenience Stores shop=convenience
opening_hours=24/7 (if open 24 hours)
typically big-brand convenience stores,
with own supply chain management system
eg. 7-Eleven, Ministop, Alfamart, Shell Select,
Petron Treats, Mightee Mart, etc.
Sari-Sari Store shop=convenience small or informal convenience store that sells a small subset of the items you would find in a supermarket or grocery. May also sell processed snacks, food ingredients, school supplies, cellphone loads, etc.
Bigasan (Rice Dealer/Retailer) see shop=general Neighborhood shops primarily selling rice (retail).
May be a general merchandiser or a sari-sari store.
LPG (cooking gas) Retailer shop=gas Cooking gas is a consumer product widely sold by general merchandisers, or bigger big sari-sari stores. Different from shop=industrial_gas
Ice Retailer shop=yes + product=ice Tube Ice is sold in most 24-hour Convenience Stores
or Foodmarts, sometimes by Sari-Sari stores indicated by an "Ice for Sale" signboard.
Ice Plant man_made=works + product=ice Manufacturing plant for ice, in various forms (block, tube, etc.). May also sell directly to consumers.
Bottled water services shop=water
This is for commercial retailers of potable water (e.g. purified water, mineral water, water station, water refill). For free to use water fountains use: amenity=drinking_water
Softdrinks & Beverages Dealer
(Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)
Shakes, coconut juice stalls (strict beverage drinks only)
shop=beverages normally sells per 24-bottle case (wholesale price), ZaGu, coconut juice stalls in mountain trails

Coffee Shops and other food shops (sells cake, burgers, fries, waffles) to which its primary product is still coffee amenity=cafe e.g. Starbucks, Subi-monte, Cafe Adriatico, Painitian (local coffee/chocolate shops in Dumaguete, and surrounding regions)
Tea shops (hot or cold). Serves tea or milktea primarily shop=tea e.g. Gong-Cha, Subi-montea, Chatime

Health, Wellness, and Well-being (Personal care, Beauty, others)

Description Tag(s) Notes
Hospital healthcare=hospital + amenity=hospital
Clinic or Poly-clinic healthcare=clinic + amenity=clinic "medium-sized combined medical centres and polyclinics with tens of doctors, nurses and associated staff"
Medical Doctors' Office (clinic) healthcare=doctor + amenity=doctors Private or public small or specialized practice, with 1-10 staff.
Rural Health Unit healthcare=doctor + amenity=doctors Small or specialized practice, with 1-10 staff.
Barangay Health Center healthcare=doctor or healthcare=nurse or healthcare=midwife, as appropriate Public health and wellness centers.
Barangay Health Station healthcare=paramedic + opening_hours=* Add service_times=* for scheduled visists by medical professionals. Public health and wellness centers in remote villages, staffed by paramedics or health care workesr with enough training to do their work, but are not medical professionals.
Dentist (Orthodontist, Periodontist, etc.) amenity=dentist + healthcare=dentist
Maternity/Birthing centers/Lying-in clinic (non-clinical) operated by midwives healthcare=birthing_centre No Emergency Room Facilities
Midwife healthcare=midwife
Pharmacy amenity=pharmacy

Diagnostic / Analytical Laboratory (conducts tests on clinical specimens) amenity=clinic + healthcare=laboratory
Acupuncture Clinic amenity=clinic + healthcare=alternative + healthcare:specialty=acupuncture
Blood Bank healthcare=blood_bank
Hairdresser, Barbershop, Salon, Hair & Make-Up, Stylist shop=hairdresser Stylists/Make-up Artists works in tandem with Hairdressers. You may add a customary male=yes for barbershops, although they would normally take in female customers, too.
Non-Hairdresser Beauty Shop
(Nail Salon, Foot Spa, Body Spa & Aromatherapy)
Cosmetic Supplies
shop=beauty eg. Hortaleza Vaciador, Nail Spa, Facial Spa,
Facial & Skin Care Clinics (offers cosmetic surgery)
amenity=clinic eg. Let's Face It
Traditional Massage / Reflexology Centers / All-body Massage shop=massage eg. Bay Spa, Nurture Spa, Banahaw Spa, Thai Massage (full-body massage shops but non-chiropractors)
Herbal & Food Supplements shop=herbalist eg. Chinese Drugstores, Healthy Options, GNC
Hilot (manghihilot / mangtatawas) amenity=alternative_medicine
see Osteopathy or Tui Na
See Hilot.

Emergency facilities and services

Description Tag(s) Notes
Evacuation Center social_facility=shelter
Add this tag to structures, buildings, that are officially designated as exclusive evacuation centers during emergencies.
Facilities with secondary function as Evacuation Center emergency:social_facility=shelter
Add this tag to structures, buildings, schools, etc. that is officially designated as evacuation center for emergencies.
Temporary or Irregular Evacuation Center evacuation_center=yes Add this complementary tag to areas, buildings, structures used as adhoc evacuation centers.
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO) office=government
Add amenity=rescue_station if they provide local rescue and emergencies services.
Government agency responsible for disaster preparedness, and response. Often involved in local, medical emergencies or rescue service. If the rescue station is separate from the office, create two separate features: Use office=government for the administrative office, and amenity=rescue_station for the rescue station.


Description Tag(s) Notes
Water Wells man_made=water_well Facility to access groundwater. If water is potable, add drinking_water=yes. If information about how the water is drawn is available, add pump=*
Water Taps man_made=water_tap Tag for communal water taps distributed from a centralized system. If water is potable, add drinking_water=yes.

Farm Animal and Pet Industries

Description Tag(s) Notes
Pet Shop / Pet Grooming & Supplies shop=pet
Veterinary Clinic amenity=veterinary
Poultry & Livestock Supplies
Farm Animal Health Products
(Feeds, Medicines & Farm Equipment)
Industrial Animal Farm / Factory Farming
  • Poultry Farm (Live Chickens / Table Eggs)
  • Piggery Farm
  • Cattle / Goat Farm
  • Duck/Itik) & Quail/Pugo Farms (egg farms)
  • Gamefowl Breeder
  • Intensive Fish Farming
For distinct/named individual farm, typical of PH industrial farms, use: place=farm

For buildings: building=farm_auxiliary
These farms sell live-animals to traders or public. They may also be engaged in 'Contract Growing' for a guaranteed-buyer, similar to Contract Farming

Alternative Tag: landuse=farmyard
Game Farm amenity=animal_breeding + animal_breeding=gamecock Farm for breeding fowls used in cock fighting. Optionally, you may also add place=farm with a name=* tag.

Computer & Electronics / Telecom / Mobile Accessories

Description Tag(s) Notes
Deskstop PC & Peripherals shop=computer Primarily SELLS Desktop PC & Laptops, Tablets
Internet Cafe / Cyber Cafe
Computer Rental
see properties internet_access=*
Pay-Per-Use Computers for internet, gaming, typing & printing.

Mobile Phones
3G/4G Tablet Devices
Digital Device Accessories
shop=mobile_phone Mobile_Phone Retailers, Casing,
Protectors, Attachments, Adapters, Etc.
Prepaid/Top-up Credit kiosk machine amenity=vending_machine
Self-service, automated kiosk for loading or topping-up prepaid credits for mobiles and other services
Load Outlet
Telecom Prepaid Card Retailer
or shop=telecom_load if approved
May be a kiosk, or a convenience-store telecom agent.
Telecom Branch need not be tagged as a load outlet.
Electronic Gadgets (Camera, GPS Devices, Portable Players, etc.) shop=electronics eg. Electronic Botique, Infomaxx, CDR-king
DIY Electronic Hobbyist Shop
(electronic/speaker/radio parts)
shop=radiotechnics eg. Alexan, DEECO, most electronic supplies in Raon St.(Manila)

Shops and Stores

Description Tag(s) Notes
Pasalubong / Souvenir Shop
Catering Services
Table & Chairs / Party Needs
craft=caterer many food caterers also supply tables/chairs/decors as part of a party package
Ukay-ukay / Wagwagan shop=clothes+second_hand=only
or shop=second_hand
if selling more non-clothes (than clothes) eg. used bags & shoes, etc., tag as shop=second_hand
Auction Houses/Yard
(used automotive / industrial equipment)
office=auctioneer (if approved) typically inside a big polygon tagged landuse=industrial
Surplus or Reconditioned Commercial Equipment
(non-automotive / non-industrial)
shop=second_hand Used furnitures, computers, power tools, novelty gadgets etc. (eg. Save On Surplus, HMR, Japanese/Korean surplus stores, etc)

For pre-owned (used) Books and Magazines store, tag as shop=books
Variety Stores (high quality)
  • Japanese Variety Store
  • Novelty & Shops selling assorted items
shop=department_store or shop=variety_store Low-priced or single-priced retail stores eg. Japan Home, Saizen, Daiso
Adult Shops shop=erotic A sex shop, selling products such as sex toys, erotic lingerie, safe sex products, erotic games and gifts, and pornographic films and magazines.
Furniture (Non-Electrical Items)
Antique Shops
Home Decorations
Furniture Repair

For handicrafts, craft=handicraft
eg. Our Home, Blims, Regalong Pambahay
Home Appliance Center
(electrical appliances)
shop=appliance Primarily sells household electrical appliances and home entertainment systems. May include some personal electronics
eg. Abenson, Anson, Western Marketing

For personal electronic devices, including gadget shops, use shop=electronics. For small household items, use shop=houseware
Locksmith (Lock Pick Specialist) shop=locksmith
add opening hours, eg. opening_hours=24/7
Can unlock (or repair) car/house doors.
Typical Locksmith-kiosks also make custom Rubber Stamps.
Key Duplicator (Mr. Quickie & similar kiosks) craft=key_cutter may offer bag/shoe/leather repair, shoe-shine service
Upholster Repair (Car/Sofa) craft=upholsterer
Canvas Store
Linoleum Flooring / PVC Sheeting
sells Linoleum flooring and/or "trapal" (cargo-truck rain-cover)
Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
amenity=recycling buys, segregates and sells scrap materials
Lapida Maker
(Tombstone Engraver)
craft=stonemason often sells marble products
Photo Studio / Events Photographers craft=photographer
Photo Shops (Developing/Printing Labs) craft=photographic_laboratory. If it sells cameras and has a studio, use shop=photo instead. printing digital & film photos. Sometimes, they sell cameras also and has a studio. Examples include Fujifilm, True Colors, Photoline, Tronix, Picture City, etc.
Signages, large-format graphics printing
  • Signage (digital (e.g. Tarpaulin) or analogue (hand-painted) )
  • Blueprint
  • Autocad Printing
  • Offset
  • RISO
  • Calling cards, invitations, letterheads, etc.
  • T-shirt, bag printing
shop=printing eg. Manila Blue Printing, Benson's Graphics, and alike
Photocopying ("Xerox"), Printing services shop=copyshop A shop that offers photocopying and printing services for individual or personal consumers. May also offer ID lamination.
Billboards, (Art) Sign makers craft=printmaker Produces printed materials to fine art standards, typically using manual or mechanical techniques like screen-printing or letterpress.
Bookstore shop=books Primarily sells Books. Some sells pre-owned books & magazines. Many also sell school & office supplies, music CD's, etc.
eg. National Bookstore, Books for Less, Power Books
Stationery & Office Supplies (no books) shop=stationery eg. Office Warehouse
Many small School Supplies stores in PH are actually General Merchandisers, but avoid tagging shop=general
DVD, VCD, Music CD Sales or Rentals shop=video Most shops that sell Video also sells Music CD's
Newspaper Stand shop=newsagent or shop=kiosk also sells candies & cigarettes
Tailor / Dressmaker / Alteration Services craft=tailor
craft=dressmaker, or shop=tailor
Textile Market
Fabric (Telahan)
Buttons, Needles & Thread store
shop=fabric sells clothing materials for fashion, RTW/garment industry
Fashion Accessories shop=boutique eg. Marcella Accessories (variety of fashion accessories)
Jewelry shop=jewelry
Dress Watch Shop shop=jewelry
Baby Care Products shop=baby_goods eg. Enfant, Chico, Baby Company, Mothercare
Shoe Maker (custom-fitted footwear)
Leather-Products Repair Shop
craft=shoemaker Shop has an in-house shoemaker.
Eg. Besa

For Ready-Made Shoes: shop=shoes
Shoe Outlet / Retailer
Shoe Factory (Ready-Made)
shop=shoes Sells Casual, Work, Formal and Rubber Shoes
Sports Shops
Exclusive Sports-Brand Outlets
shop=sports Sells variety of Sports Shoes & Shirts, Bicycles, Sports Gears, etc.
eg. Toby Sports; Nike, Adidas or Reebok Outlets etc.
Outdoor / Extreme Shops
  • Climbing & Hiking Gears
  • Airsoft
  • Surfing Gears
  • Skateboards
  • etc, etc.
for diving gears (sale/rent), use shop=dive
Primarily sell Outdoor & Extreme Sports gears
eg. R.O.X., Habagat, Coleman (tents & coolers)
Fitness Center leisure=fitness_centre Workout gym, endurance training, power or body building facilities
eg. Gold's Gym, Fitness First
Gun Store
(Firearm, Ammunition & Accessories)
shop=weapons Also sells hunting knives, air rifles, bow & arrow, tactical and self-defense equipments

Flowershop shop=florist
Aircon service center, repair technicians shop=hvac; repair=yes If the shop is brand specific use brand=* to indicate the brands they service.


Description Tag(s) Notes
Hotel tourism=hotel e.g.
Motorist Hotel tourism=motel Short-term accommodation, particularly for people traveling by car.
Drive-inn (lodge) tourism=hotel This are rather accommodations with rooms rather than an area used by cars.
Guest house tourism=guest_house This includes pension houses, home stay, and other more casual forms of accommodations
Hostels, "boarding-houses" tourism=hostel Budget-conscious accommodations where bunk beds (instead of rooms) are the primary form of service. Popular with backpackers, and budget travelers.
Short-stay Motel, "Short-time Motel" amenity=love_hotel + tourism=motel A type of short-stay hotel operated mainly to provide guests privacy for sexual activities. Room rates offered for a set of hours, instead of daily. Example will be Hotel Sogo, or Victoria Court


See Key:building. Refer to the table below for exemptions and frequently used local tags

Description Tag(s) Element Notes
Houses versus Condominium or Multi-storey residential units building=house for one-unit, single-detached residential unit;

building=residential for multi-storey condominium buildings

area The number of floors are not indicative of building function. See building:levels=* to indicate this number.
Townhouse or Rowhouse building=terrace for the polygon representing the building area Also known as a terraced house. They consist of multiple dwelling units in a single structure, often multi-storey.
Elevated houses built on stilts or piles building=stilt_house area Often seen along the coast (such as Bajau houses in Mindanao) or river banks, but not necessarily just above water bodies. Also popular with resorts as "water villas." City of Yawnghwe in the Inle Lake
Commercial buildings building=commercial area For units used as offices and service-type industries.
Retail buildings building=retail area For units used to sell products such as marketplace, shopping malls.
Educational Institutions building=school
area For buildings used as a school, university, college, other educational institutions. Do not confuse with area that the institution occupies which is tagged as amenity=school, amenity=college or amenity=university unless the structure is the sole educational facility for the branch, which can be used in conjunction.
Government and public buildings building=public
area Government buildings that are open to the general public as building=public, and tag others as building=civic.
Health Facilities (hospitals, clinics) building=hospital
area The property grounds should be tagged with amenity=hospital or healthcare=hospital, as appropriate. Replace "hospital" value with "clinic", if applicable.
Industrial buildings building=industrial area For buildings used as manufacturing or power generating plants.
Retail buildings building=retail area For units used to sell products such as marketplace, shopping malls.
Warehouse building=warehouse area For buildings used for storage of goods.
Buildings for Place of Worship building=church
area For buildings used as a place of worship. Do not mistake as the area that occupies the whole religious facility which is tagged as amenity=place_of_worship unless the structure is the sole facility, which can be used in conjunction.


Description Tag(s) Notes
Day Care Center
(up to 6 years old, under DSWD)
amenity=childcare Barangay Day Care Center
(pre-school/feeding centers under P.D. No. 1567, R.A. No. 6972)
Multi-purpose Hall amenity=community_centre
Barangay Covered Courts leisure=sports_centre; sport=multi; building=roof (if known) Though it may be used for other purposes, its primary use is sporting events.
Barangay outpost or police outpost (small booth only, not barangay hall or police station)
Pay Restroom amenity=toilets; fee=yes
Tutorial and Review Center office=educational_institution supplementary academic training for children and adults, including franchise brands like Kumon, Enopi, Galileo, etcetra.
Casino amenity=casino gambling venue with at least one table game
Lotto/Sweepstakes outlets shop=lottery
PAGCOR betting stations amenity=gambling
Bingo hall amenity=gambling+gambling=bingo includes venues that typically have an age limit (>21years old)
PAGCOR e-Games leisure=adult_gaming_centre PAGCOR online casino venues
Amusement Arcade
Video Arcade
leisure=amusement_arcade Eg. Timezone, Worlds of Fun
Kiddie Playroom
(typically for 3-10 years old)
amenity=childcare Supervised play area found in malls where parents may leave their kids while shopping, usually for a fee.
Funeral Homes
Memorial Chapel
Law Office
Notary Public
Job Recruitment Agency
Manpower Agency
office=employment_agency eg. Overseas Employment
Travel Agencies and Tour Guides office=travel_agent eg. Saggas, Extreme Outdoor
Real Estate Agents office=estate_agent eg. VistaLand, DMCI, etc.
Call Centers and BPO office=it eg. Convergys, Teleperformance, Teletech.
Architects and Interior Design office=architect
Security Agencies office=company + company=security e.g. Companies providing private security services
Events Venue amenity=events_venue
Carpentry, Builders, Contractors craft=carpenter
Diplomatic Offices General tag = office=diplomatic, combine with:
Embassy - diplomatic=embassy
Consulate - diplomatic=consulate
Consul General - diplomatic=consulate_general
Read more: Diplomatic office tags. amenity=embassy is deprecated.
Other offices for services office=yes