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Piwik is a website statistics and analytics tool, similar to google analytics, but open source, and deployable to your own server. OpenStreetMap uses this on the main web front end, to gather stats on traffic and user flow. Some folks are able to login to our piwik server at https://piwik.openstreetmap.org to view the resulting stats displays.

Read more about piwik in general, and it's capabilities at piwik.org.

Restricted access

Access to view the stats displays of OpenStreetMap's piwik, is restricted mostly just to some of the System Administrators. This is mainly due to data protection issues. In accordance with UK data protection law and our privacy policy we can not reveal certain details of traffic data publicly. We can ask the sysadmins for certain types of information/reports which they might look up for us, but we don't all get to see piwik directly. At least not at the moment. Somebody could investigate ways of opening up some anonymised displays.

This mailing list thread has some more info: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2013-January/thread.html#65732