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The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts. These tags should be placed on the outline area way of the harbour or else on a node placed within the harbour area, clear of other mapped features.

Type S100 seamark:type Definition
Harbour Facility HBRFAC harbour A natural or artificially improved body of water providing protection for vessels, and providing anchoring and docking facilities.

Within a harbour area there may be any number of Basins, Docks and Berths:

Type S100 seamark:type Definition
Harbour basin hrbbsn harbour_basin An enclosed area of water surrounded by quay walls constructed to provide means for the transfer of cargos from and to ships.
Dock area DOCARE dock A dock is an artificially enclosed area within which ships may moor and which may have gates to regulate water level.
Dry dock DRYDOC dry_dock An artificial basin fitted with a gate or caisson, into which vessels can be floated and the water pumped out to expose the vessel's bottom.
Floating dock FLODOC floating_dock A form of dry dock consisting of a floating structure of one or more sections which can be partly submerged by controlled flooding to receive a vessel, then raised by pumping out the water so that the vessel's bottom can be exposed.
Berth BERTHS berth A named or numbered place where a vessel is moored at a wharf.

Harbour Categories

The tag value should be a semicolon-separated list of applicable categories.

Category (CATHAF) seamark:harbour:category Definition Rendering
RoRo-terminal roro A terminal for roll-on roll-off ferries. Harbour.png
Ferry terminal ferry A terminal for passenger and vehicle ferries. Harbour.png
Fishing harbour fishing A harbour with facilities for fishing boats. Fishing Harbour.png
Yacht harbour/marina marina A harbour with facilities for small boats and yachts Marina.png
Yacht berths without facilities marina_no_facilities A harbour for small boats and yachts without any facilities. Marina NF.png
Naval base naval A centre of operations for naval vessels. Harbour.png
Tanker terminal tanker A terminal for the bulk handling of liquid cargoes. Harbour.png
Passenger terminal passenger A terminal for the loading and unloading of passengers. Harbour.png
Shipyard shipyard A place where ships are built or repaired. Harbour.png
Container terminal container A terminal for container ships. Harbour.png
Bulk terminal bulk A terminal for the handling of bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, etc. Harbour.png
Syncrolift syncrolift A platform powered by synchronous electric motors used to lift vessels (larger than boats) in and out of the water. Harbour.png
Straddle carrier straddle_carrier A wheeled vehicle designed to lift and carry containers or vessels within its own framework. Harbour.png
Lay up vessels berth lay_up A berth where lay up vessels are stationed Harbour.png
Wood products terminal timber A terminal for handling wood products. Harbour.png
Service and repair service_repair A place where mechanical services or repairs can be undertaken to engines or other vessel equipment. Harbour.png
Quarantine station quarantine A medical control center located in an isolated spot ashore where patients with contagious diseases from vessel in quarantine are taken.
Seaplane terminal seaplane A terminal for seaplanes. Harbour.png
General cargo terminal cargo A terminal for handling general cargo. Harbour.png
Offshore industry support base offshore_support A base which provides support and load out facilities for offshore industry. Harbour.png
Local authority/ port service support base port_support A place where vessels from different authorities or port service vessels are stationed. Harbour.png

Harbour Information

These tags provide a summary of harbour particulars such as might be found in an almanac entry.

Note that this is simply an annotated list of general harbour information. In addition, facilities such as harbour-master, customs offices, etc. may be separately mapped and tagged with either "seamark:building" tags or appropriate OSM tags (amenity, shop, etc.).

Item Key Value
Harbour Operator operator The name of the managing entity
Port of Entry port_of_entry Information concerning the customs/immigration status.
Tide state access:tide Tide conditions for access.
Tidal range access:tidal_range The tidal range at the entrance.
Sill height access:sill_height The height above the sea bed of an entrance sill.
Swell conditions access:swell Swell conditions for access.
Ice conditions access:ice Ice conditions for access.
Time limits access:time Access opening times.
Maximum length maxlength Maximum permitted vessel length.
Maximum beam maxwidth Maximum permitted vessel beam.
Maximum draft maxdraft Maximum permitted vessel draft.
Maximum height maxairdraft Maximum permitted vessel height AWL.
Speed limit maxspeed Maximum permitted speed within harbour.
Harbour Master harbour_master Information about the harbour master.
Phone phone Phone number(s) of harbour offices.
Fax fax Fax number(s) of harbour offices.
Email email Email address of harbour.
Web site website URL of harbour website.
VHF channel vhf_channel Radio channel for harbour communications.
VHF MMSI vhf_mmsi MMSI number for harbour radio communications.
General Information harbour:information Text.

Wyposażenie mariny

These tags provide a list of facilities to be found at or near a marina.

Note that this is simply an annotated list added to the main harbour object. In addition, the individual facilities may be separately mapped and tagged with either "seamark:small_craft_facility" tags or appropriate OSM tags (amenity, shop, etc.).

Item Key Value
Visitors berths harbour:visitor_berth Availability/number of visitors berths.
Visitors moorings harbour:visitors_mooring Availability/number of visitor moorings.
Scrubbing berth harbour:scrubbing_berth Availability of scrubbing berths.
Electricity harbour:electricity Availability of shore power.
Drinking Water harbour:water_tap Availability of potable water.
Showers harbour:showers Availability/access of shower/bathing facilities.
Toilets harbour:toilets Availability/access of toilet facilities.
Laundrette harbour:laundrette Availability/access of laundry facilities.
Inn harbour:public_inn Availability/location of public inns.
Restaurant harbour:restaurant Availability/location of restaurants.
Sailing club harbour:nautical_club Availability/access of sailing/boating club.
Fuel harbour:fuel_station Availability/types of fuelling facilities.
Chandler harbour:chandler Availability/location of chandleries.
Provisions harbour:provisions Availability/location of food stores.
Bottled gas harbour:bottle_gas Availability/location of suppliers of bottled gas.
Doctor harbour:doctor Availability/location of medical facilities.
Pharmacy harbour:pharmacy Availability/location of pharmacies.
Emergency telephone harbour:emergency_telephone Availability/location of emergency telephones.
Post box harbour:post_box Availability/location of post boxes.
Telephone harbour:telephone Availability/location of telephones.
Refuse disposal harbour:refuse_bin Availability/location of refuse disposal facilities.
Pump-out harbour:pump-out Availability/location of black water pump-out facilities.
Car park harbour:car_park Availability/location of car parking.
Boat trailer park harbour:boat_trailers_park Availability/location of boat trailer parking.
Caravan site harbour:caravan_site Availability/location of nearby caravan sites.
Camping site harbour:camping_site Availability/location of nearby camping sites
Picnic area harbour:picnic_area Availability/location of nearby picnic areas.
Sailmaker harbour:sailmaker Availability/location of sailmakers.
Boatyard harbour:boatyard Availability/location of boatyards.
Boat hoist harbour:boat_hoist Availability/location of boat lift-out facilities.
Slipway harbour:slipway Availability/location of slipways.
Mechanics workshop harbour:mechanics_workshop Availability/location of engine/boat equipment repair facilities.


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