Problems with OSM maps

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This page aims to list problems with the cartography of OSM, feel free to make comment on this in the page.

Zoom 6

  • Too little information
    • more landuse should be rendered
      We don't have that data for Zoom 6, ideas on how to get it are very welcome. Erik Johansson
      • forest
      • agriculture land
      • developed land
    • more lakes and water should render
      This is a technical and we don't have enough time issue, you need to understand how this is done with mapnik and create a new version of the lake & coastline database. Erik Johansson

zoom 7

  • too little information
    • almost no cities are rendered (in sweden)
this is a technical issue, and a social one. Sweden is *very* sparsely populated, UK isn't so they don't understand the issue. Erik Johansson 16:53, 13 March 2009 (UTC)


  • Some colors is really awful, in example the green color for forrest is to intense and look bad. Example zoom level 11
  • Similar objects doesn't really look that similar on the map. In example the red dotted lines and the blue dotted lines in [url=]this example (zoom level 14)[/url]. Similiar objects should have almost similar color (doesn't have to be the same), maybe different pattern (like black dotted lines, and dark gray dashed lines instead of the red and blue dotted lines).